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A Beach Burger – Surf Bar

surf bar burger

Ron's burger, cooked just the way he likes it, $8.95

Susan says… Ron Says…

(Part of my reports from the Charleston SC / Folly Beach area)

Aptly named, this joint is a bar located near the surf just off Center Street in Folly Beach.  The menu offers about a half dozen items so don’t expect great variety.  The family unit wanted burgers.  We heard this was the place in Folly to obtain such a meal and it was within walking distance to our condo.  I gave into the suggestion, thinking this would be a budget-conscious meal, thus freeing up some dollars for our splurge later in the week at Hall’s Chophouse.  …. Ok first “we heard” is not really true, because I do not do research on places prior to when I go on vacation.  That is Susan’s job, well actually it’s not even her job, it’s her HOBBY, no not hobby, but more like her disorder as in OCD.  This is what she found.  Personally I think she did pretty good as I liked it.  Although, “budget conscious” wasn’t really in my mind I just figured I’m on vacation and I’m going to get jacked up wherever I go, why should the surf bar be any different.

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Wet your Whistle at Mrs. Winkle’s


NOTE: This restaurant is closed.

Dan says…

I have always had trouble pronouncing certain words and the prior name of this establishment was no exception.  Being a WV transplant and not familiar with the restuarant I have always called it Bon-i-cals instead of Bo-win-kles.  So I appreciate the name change to something easier for me, Mrs. Winkle’s.  Now I have to assume the owner is married and not a feminist, because she went with the Mrs. and not the Miss or Ms. title.  I’m glad she didn’t hyphenate, because that would be a mouthful.  “Hey Susan, you want to go ‘fork’ Ms. Manchini-Winkle’s?” Continue reading

Third Time’s a Charmer – Billy’s

NOTE – Billy’s closed effective December 9, 2008

Reopened in February 2009 under the name: Billy’s Soho’s @ Southridge

CLOSED again Summer 2009


Ron Says…

Billys Restaurant

Billy’s ~ when I heard this place was opening from reading the various articles in the local papers, I couldn’t wait to come here.  I think if you’ve read my previous reviews or comments of Mr. Sohovich’s establishments, well you know I’m not that impressed (but we also know I have no “culinary credibility”).  I just don’t get what all the hype is.

Blossom ~ yeah I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad meal there, but I have never had what I’d call a great meal either.  Same with Soho’s, of which I used to work just down the street, it’s good, but it’s over priced.  These are my opinions, and obviously both of these places are doing something right for someone, or else they wouldn’t be in business today.

But when I read that he was moving into the old Smokey Bones building out Corridor G with something that’s going to be HOME COOKING or as my mom calls it “COMFORT FOOD”, well needless to say I was chomping at the bit to come here.

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Relax on the Water With a Beer – The Barge Bar and Grill

Susan says…

I have been waiting for the smoking ban to take effect to make my maiden voyage on the anchored sailing vessel that is The Barge.  Of course I planned to sit outside, but in the case no tables were available al fresco…I didn’t want a side of smoke with my sandwich. 

In case you haven’t been to The Barge, it is off Route 60, between Oakwood Road and Sport Mart.  There are signs to help you find the parking lot.  It is a short walk down either an incline or stairs – or you can take a golf cart-ish shuttle down to the restaurant.  There are two distinct options: the Barge Bar with indoor and outdoor seating open for lunch and dinner, or the fine dining restaurant on the upper level of the boat open for dinner only Wednesday through Sunday. 

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Drive your ’57 Chevy to Mayberry’s

 In Through The Outdoor



 Susan says…

From the black & white checkered floor to the 58 pieces of Coca Cola memorabilia to the reruns of The Andy Griffith Show playing on the television, this place screams hot dogs and milkshakes.

This is your standard hot dog/onion ring/milkshake diner type of place.  All the usual suspects show up on the menu.  Some of the ice cream options looked really yummy – they even have an Elvis shake made with peanut butter and bananas.  I thought that was cute.

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