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Al patio le falta una silla o dos

Dan says…

More on the title in a minute. El Patio is a nice Mexican lunch or dinner option if you are in Bluefield, Virginia or West Virginia.

The place must be pretty new, because the dining room and decor were very fresh. Every table and chair is painted with bright and cheerful art. There is mosaic tile work at the entrance where you are asked – “Smoking or Non-Smoking?” I feel for the servers that have to work that section. Continue reading

Cheescake Factory at the House Of Mouse

Cheesecake Factory - Orlando

Cheescake Factory, Orlando FL ~ 04.28.08

Ron Says –

Call it a not so local review…… Especially since noone else seems to want to post anything… So for site content purposes only:

Cheescake Factory – in my opinion one of the best places I’ve eaten – seems to be consistently great at giving you big heapings of food that are well cooked for a decent price when compared to other places. Think Outback, Longhorn, etc…. Continue reading

The Fresh Seafood Company Burned Us

Susan says…

Today’s lunch was one of the most painful lunch days in recent memory. I truly wondered if I would EVER get to eat something.

Part I

Read my review on the Power Alley Grill. We sat there forever, no one waited on us, they removed the fish sandwich from the menu, nothing else worth spending carbs on, blah, blah, blah….I ended up at the Fresh Seafood Company at the Capitol Market. Continue reading

Everyday Italian – Leonoro’s Spaghetti House

Dan says…

Everybody needs a place like Leonoro’s on Washington Street. It is an old fashioned Italian restaurant where you are welcome to come in the back door and walk through the kitchen. The owner will greet you with a smile everytime. This place is full of familiar faces. Continue reading

Unforced Error – Power Alley Grill

NOTE: This restaurant is closed.
Ron Says……

Talk about a waste ~ 20 minutes +/- at this so called fine establishment.

I was really looking forward to one of their many burgers (even if they are overly priced but that didn’t matter as I think I had Susan paying), and of course a fish craving of one of the other WeeMees – Susan.

Well the menu is totally revamped… downsizing , outsourcing, whatever it was pretty bare boned with one side totally devoted to breakfast – AT A SPORTS BAR… Continue reading

Consistently Consistent at Deli Fresh


If you want a simple meal served quick then join the pile of regulars that flock to Deli Fresh on Greenbrier Street on a daily basis. Deli Fresh is run by a husband and wife team. The husband takes the orders and the wife does everything else. Funny how that works. Their menu is a simple mix of hot and cold sandwiches with a selection of homemade deli salads. The standouts include “The Stallion”, “BBQ” and “Turkey & Cheese”. These sandwiches come on a variety of bread, but the best is the baguette. The center peice of the kitchen must be an impinger oven that they run all their hot sandwiches through. It does a great job of crisping the bread. Another great item is the pizza rolls that come 3 for $1.99 or 5 for $3.99. As RR would say they are YUM-O! Continue reading