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The Skinny on Specials – Deli-Fresh (Update)

Deli Fresh (Update) – Coonskin/Airport Hill, Charleston, WV

Dan says…Sausage Sandwich Deli Fresh WV

Susan and I felt compelled to post an update to our previous review of Deli Fresh. I have to tell everyone about this sandwich special they are running until June 30th. The Sausage and Kraut Sub rocks! They butterfly a 8-9″ sausage, top it with sauerkraut and white (swiss?) cheese. They put all this on their 9″ steak bun with a thick line of brown spicy mustard. You should give this sandwich a try even though the mustard is incorrectly applied to the cheese side and not the meat side of the sandwich. (Personal Preference)

Please note that due to mission work and other travel the second generation will be running the family business for a few weeks this summer. I don’t know where else I’ll go to get a good sandwich and a hard time. 🙂 Continue reading

Fresh New Menu – Bluegrass Kitchen

Bluegrass Kitchen – East End, Charleston, WV

Susan says…

Bluegrass Kitchen is one of the few lunch spots we frequent where I will throw the Carb Diet out the window without a second thought. I LOVE the crusty bread they use for the Perfect Chicken Sandwich. I must disagree with Dan (see his comments below) about its perfectness. There is a good amount of chicken breast, tomato, Swiss cheese, bacon, spring greens and sundried tomato mayo on this creation. Since I like to choke my sandwiches down dry, I never get the mayo. Actually mayo and eggs make me want to gag just from thinking about eating them. They are my two least favorite foods. Unless the eggs are in cake, of course. Have you ever ordered a sandwich without the mayo and then tried to scrape it off? Doesn’t work, my friends. The mayo residue is still there, ruining your bread. I digress… Continue reading

You Have Been Forked…

Have you seen this calling card?

You Have Been Forked

The Five say…

If you are reading this card, one or more of the Fork You Contributors has dined at your establishment. Our mission is to rate local and not so local restaurants with our Five Fork scale, Five being the best and the level to which all restaurateurs aspire.

Our reviews will let those who “Google” your business know about food quality, efficient service, menu variety, atmosphere, the price of your sodas, and anything else we feel like writing about. Continue reading

Filling the Void – Can It Be Done?

Susan says:

Crab RangoonWhen I returned from my trip to Buckhannon recently, my friends knew I would suggest the China Buffet at Kanawha Mall. After all, I did give it FIVE FORKS even though there are potholes in the parking lot big enough to swallow an Expedition, but that’s not their fault, I said.  Anyway, I did suggest we go there Monday morning because I had really missed my favorite Chinese place while out of town and that’s when I got the horrific news: it was closed due to fire damage. And the news didn’t get any better when a few days turned into “who knows how long”.

How will I be able to make it until they reopen? Continue reading

Attention to Detail? – Cafe de Paris

Cafe de Paris – Downtown, Charleston, WV

3th Anniversary

Dan says…

I hope that the person writing the sign is not the same person cooking the Oysters and Saffron… (Click the picture)

Maybe it’s a special French spelling?

201 Capitol St
Charleston, WV 25301
(304) 347-2233

Strawberries in May – CJ Maggies

CJ Maggies – Downtown, Buckhannon, WV

Ron Says…

C.J. Maggie’s is like a Diamond in the Rough of central West Virginia. I was turned onto this joint about three years ago. I think I was hooked at that point. This trip over the past Weekend, was for that infamous Strawberry Festival that this town hosts every year in the spring… Believe me – you need to witness it once.. Anyhow, when in Rome, do as the Romans.. or something like that… and if the Buckvilleians do not eat here.. well then they should.

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