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A Bar Where You Can Sometimes Get Food – Capitol Street Grille

Susan says…

Ron and I thought we’d check out the recently opened Capitol Street Grille after work one day.  We work a 7:30 to 4:00 schedule so we get off early enough to enjoy happy hour at most establishments.  And if we are driving back to the Valley, we avoid most of the traffic.  Two great reasons to get up early.

If you’ll recall, there was an article in the Daily Mail back in October singing the praises of Capitol Street Grille.  It really doesn’t pay to believe everything you read in the paper.  In my opinion, they are more interested in advertising revenue than accuracy when it comes to the Food and Dining section.

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They’ll Nickle and Dime Ya – Custard Stand

 Susan says…

I think this review is a good candidate for the He Said/She Said format since I disagree with some of Ron’s comments.  My words are in blue.

Ron Says…

I totally got screwed at this joint.  First let me say I wanted to review the Wendy’s Bacon Deluxe Burger, but we stopped here at Flatwoods, and well the Wendy’s could not accept a gift card.  Something about their modem line and all that.  If they had put a sign out with more info I could say more about it.  I also could have not waited in line for five minutes, but that is a story for a different blog post. 

Susan says – OK.  This part is true.  We stopped at Wendy’s because a nice Wendy’s rep sent Ron a $5 gift card to try the bacon burger and write about it. We waited forever for them to try to get the gift card to work, but it didn’t really matter because we had no cash – I was planning to pay for mine with my debit card.  If the modem wasn’t going to work for the gift card, it wasn’t going to work for the debit card and therefore we weren’t getting a bacon burger.

So because Susan was starving, we decided to check out this place if not for anything other than website content. 

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Well…the Food was Pretty – J Paul’z

jpaul mac

Truffled Macaroni & Cheese

Susan says…

J Paul’z is another installment in my vacation reviews from a recent trip south to Folly Beach and the Charleston, South Carolina area.  (And save it, Stanton, we all know how you feel about out-of-town reviews…you insist on repeating yourself every time we post one.)

Located on James Island between those two cities, this restaurant was high on my list of places to try.  In fact I wrote a note on the menu I printed from the internet and placed in my Vacation Folder which read: “I WANT TO GO HERE”.  (If you only knew how geeky I was about planning and researching for trips…it drives Ron crazy.)

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Are We Really Gonna Eat Lunch Here? – The Dome

NOTE: This is Fork You’s

100th West Virginia restaurant review!!!


Daniel says…


At Stanton’s suggestion we met at the Dome Grill and Bar in early April for another Charleston food blogger summit.  Albeit Stanton will argue that Fork You is not a Charleston food blog.  Just like his nationally famous, WV Hot Dog Blog, our not so famous blog reviews restaurants across WV.  You can read Stanton’s review of the Dome’s WVHD here.

I like hole in the wall type places and Stanton’s blog has given me the gastronomic courage to try many great, but shabby looking joints. I used to think if they don’t take the time and energy to improve a customer’s first impression, then I hate to think about the effort going into the food. The Dome has taken zero effort to enhance ones first impression. The inside is not much better. A matter of fact it’s pretty worn. Keep it mind if it was dark outside and you had your beer goggles on it would look just fine, but the Fork You Five had the benefit of sunshine. Continue reading

Anything But Super – Superking Chinese Buffet

NOTE: This restaurant is closed.

Susan says…



I am blaming this lunch on Ron.  This is one of the absolute worst Chinese food experiences of my life. 

First Problem: We arrive at about 12:20 and the place is practically empty.  Bad sign.  At a buffet, it is a REALLY bad sign.  If there aren’t a lot of customers, the food isn’t being turned over.  If the food isn’t being turned over, it gets stale, dried out or otherwise overcooked.  Many of the bins showed very little signs of activity.   There were four other occupied tables when we arrived.  By the time we left, there were about four other parties served in addition to those.

The last time I ate at this location, it was under different ownership and the meal was disappointing mostly because The Mongolian Grill was not operational on that visit.  Today I hoped for a better lunch. 

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The Dinner That Almost Sunk Our New Year’s Eve – The Barge

Susan says…

The Barge Bar exterior

I can summarize this meal in one word: bland.

I guess I am kinda spoiling the ending, huh? That is if the title didn’t give it away frst. 

Ron & I have been at bowl games for most of our New Year’s Eves together so we didn’t quite know what to do with ourselves in Charleston on such an occasion. None of our friends were having parties. Or, if they were, we were not invited. Some friends they are. We didn’t make a reservation at Embassy Suites. We didn’t invite anyone over to watch the ball drop with us. We were discussing our means of celebration as late as 2:00 that afternoon.  I tried to make a reservation at Aubrey’s and of course they were booked. I knew South Hills Market & Cafe would be full, too. So I looked to the list of restaurants we want to review and chose The Barge.

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Even Your Meal is a Gamble – The French Quarter Restaurant


Daniel says…

We eyed this filet and prime rib special early on and knew it needed to be reviewed. Misty had confirmed that she and Brian had eaten a few good meals at the track.  We had tried to get this meal on the calendar a couple of times, but it just never happened.  When the annual “Dinner Party with Those You Like to Luncheon With..” rolled around this year, Cross-Vegas was suggested and quickly approved by the group.

Now I like casinos. They are like Disney World for adults. They want you to smile as they extract your money from your pockets. Remember the house always wins and that was true when it came to the French Quarter Restaurant. Susan hit a home run with the title. Your meal is truly a gamble. We had a few winners at the table, but mostly losers. Continue reading