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Reviews From the Redneck Riviera: The Sea Captain’s House

Ashley says…

The Sea Captain’s House is a Myrtle Beach landmark that has stood since 1930 when it was built as an oceanfront vacation home for the Taylor family of High Point, North Carolina. Through the years it has changed hands several times, transitioned from a home to a guesthouse and endured several hurricanes.  In the early 1960’s, Sea Captain’s House was transformed to a full-time restaurant and still stands as a popular dining destination today.  Nestled on a little section of beachfront property amongst high rise buildings, the Sea Captain’s house is a nice contrast to the hustle and bustle of its surroundings.

During peak vacation season, Sea Captain’s House stays busy.  My husband and I had eaten there only once before for breakfast so this was a virgin dinner experience for us.  There were a few groups of people milling about at the front of the place so we figured we’d have to wait for a table.  Our wait time was estimated to be 45 minutes.  Not a problem. They have a bar/patio area in the sunroom on the back of the house and a large lawn area that overlooks the ocean.   We stopped at the bar, got a drink, then headed to the lawn.  What better way is there to spend your table-waiting time than seaside with a frosty drink in your hand?  No complaints here.

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News Nugget: Blossom Reopens for Dinner

Susan says…

The Blossom is now open for dinner again, but a bit differently than before.

First of all, they are only open for dinner on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday beginning at 5:00 pm.  

Secondly, there is a new, scaled-down menu.   

If you go, write in and tell us about your experience.  This seems like a great excuse for me to get some Thai Beef and Shrimp.  Sounds delicious!

Reviews From the Redneck Riviera: Duffy Street Fish Shack

Ashley says…

My husband and I make several trips to Myrtle Beach each year, and I’m always looking for some place different to eat than the trips before.  Usually on our first night there, I crave a simple meal of fried shrimp and hushpuppies.  THE place to go for just that is the town of Calabash, NC.  It’s about a half hour drive north and well worth it, but we didn’t want to make that drive the first night.   

I don’t do buffets.  I can’t stand all the people hovering over all the food acting like this may be their last meal.  The food is always just mediocre at best, especially for the price.   So we decided to try Duffy Street Fish Shack on Restaurant Row which is less than 10 minutes from our place.

Duffy Street is a locally-owned establishment that’s been around for 16 years.  They have two other locations on the grand strand in Cherry Grove and North Myrtle Beach.  The Myrtle Beach location opened just over a year ago.  They describe themselves as a “low country & laid back” place with “fantastic food, smoking hot blues and ice cold beer.”  There was no band the night we were there, but it was Sunday, so that was understandable.  

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Temptation Has Arrived on the East End and Thy Name is Frutcake

Ashley says…

Frutcake is the latest venture by the people who brought us Bluegrass Kitchen and Tricky Fish.  It is also on the east end, located in the building that used to house Delish Express.   It has the same tables and chairs inside and out that were in the place before, but I imagine most of their business is take-out. 

I stopped into Frutcake one morning on my way to work.  A couple of my co-workers make it part of their daily routines.  I usually avoid such places because most of the time, I eat healthy and try to avoid the things that will make my pants fit tighter.  I decided to splurge today and take one for the team and fork the place. 

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Toto, We’re Not in Poca Anymore – Wellington’s Cafe

Ashley says…

Since I’ve never met any of The Five and I’ve joined their blog as a Forker, Susan and I agreed it was time we met in person.  And what better way to do so than over a meal!  So I met Susan at Wellington’s Café for lunch on Tuesday last week. 

Wellington’s offers a daily special that is the same each week. Tuesday’s special is fried chicken, mashed potatoes and creamed corn.  I heard some others in the place mention that it was homemade creamed corn.  I once had a bad experience with creamed corn so it kind of turns my stomach just thinking about it.  Plus, I wasn’t feeling like having a huge meal for lunch.  But an hour later, I’m feeling like I should have. 

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Meet Ashley – Our New Forker

Ashley  is the newcomer to Fork You.  She was a blog stalker until she got up the nerve to post her first comment about one of the reviews.  Since then she’s become a regular poster and is now a Forker.  Ashley likes all types of foods and will try most things, unless they are super-icky.  Ashley loves to eat out, hates chain restaurants and buffets, and is always looking for new places to try.  If her TV only had one channel and it was the Food Network, she’d be happy.

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