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Get Your Fill at Sahara’s – Sahara Restaurant

Sahara Restaurant – Downtown Charleston

Dan says….

I have to say that I love Middle Eastern Cuisine as much as Susan loves Asian Cuisine.  Humus and Pita bread are like crack to me.  I love the lemon and garlic.  The simple seasonings let the flavors of the meats and vegetables shine.  I can get my fix at Sahara, but it comes at a cost.

Sahara has two buffet tables, one hot and one cold.  The cold bar has a simple salad, humus, Baba ghanouj , and some sweets.   The hot bar has lemon chicken, chicken kabobs, gyro meats, two rice dishes and a few vegetarian dishes with eggplant and potato.  They also have Fuul (Vicia faba), which is a slow cooked stew of brown beans and red lentils dressed with lemon olive oil and cumin (from Wikipedia). I like all the hot offerings, but I feel that there could be more choices.  I hate emtpy wells on a steam table.  How about offering Siyyadiyeh, spiced fish over rice, or my favorite stuffed meat dish, Kibbeh.

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The 21st Century Comment Card

This is a blog written by regular people about our own regular-person opinions.  We pump money into the local economy every day by eating lunch out.  For those dollars, we have certain expectations.  We write about whether or not those expectations were met.

Are we going to like EVERYTHING at EVERY restaurant?  Of course not.  If we did, we’d be the Gazz and it would ruin the whole point of our blog:  write about dining experiences as an ordinary diner.   We aren’t trying to earn advertising revenue by producing a glowing article about a restaurant.  We don’t want to come in a place, declare we are going to write a review of it and then have folks roll out the red carpet.  We want what everyone else gets.  Think of it as the Secret Shopper of restaurants…an unannounced audit, the Saturday Night Live of restaurant reviews.  Ok, we’re not at all that funny but you get what we’re shooting for.

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Cold Beer and a Cool Breeze – Tomahawks

(Note: Since this review, Tomahawks has undergone a change in management. )

Ron says…

When Susan asked about titles for the post….. my first response was… “Scalped at Tomahawks”.  But like a woman, she didn’t like it.  Guess it made too much sense.

As Susan, mentions below ~ we stopped here after some soccer games, as now our dining experiences are turning more and more into research opportunities, instead of the casual dining experience.

So here we are, sitting on the deck enjoying a cold draft.  The beer wasn’t too expensive at $2.50 or at the least at that offensive price point that rubs me wrong.  So drinking that and glancing over the menu, nothing really jumps out.  This should have been taken as a sign, but because I wasn’t particularly hungry I brushed it off.

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Did We Get Scammed at Murad’s?

Susan says…

As you will recall from our Pulitzer-nominated review on Murad’s, we enjoy their burgers so this restaurant is in our regular rotation.  Daniel had a hankerin’ for a Blue & Gold Burger so he was pushing for Murad’s.  Since he’s been traveling so much with his real job, we thought it was only fair that he pick the location on his only day in town all week. 

Ask us now if we regret that.  For that matter, ask Daniel!

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Bring your Dough – Greenbrier Valley Baking Co.

Greenbrier Valley Baking Co. – Historic Downtown Lewisburg, WV

Dan says…

Lewisburg, West Virginia is a great small town.  Home of the West Virginia State Fair and the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. They have just about everything you need, soup to nuts, heck they even have a Wal-Mart.  Downtown Lewisburg is home to a small artisan bakery where you can find many irresistible eats. They are so tempting, make sure you bring your dough or you will be sent across the street to the ATM.  This is a cash only establishment. Continue reading

Another Chance for Tricky Fish

Misty says…

at 12:15, we were the only customers our review to find out why

I was pleasantly surprised when I returned from my maternity leave and there was a deck on the front of the Tricky Fish.  If anyone remembers the steps that were on the front, they were a death trap (especially for the oddly clumsy, like me)!  The concrete slab steps towered in the front of the building (at least 5 or 6 feet tall) with no railing.  Of course, I have a trained eye for such dangerous settings as I am married to an attorney; but I am sure that everyone who dined there spotted it.  In fact, I am surprised that in the time that it took them to build the deck, that someone did not fall off, sue the Tricky Fish and put them out of business! 

Of course, such actions were off limits for a pregnant lady who is responsible for the well being of an unborn child.  But for other folks that were not in my situation, it seems like it would have been fair game.   I’m just saying, most people in WV are always looking for some easy money and I’m surprised that no one tried to make a few bucks at the detriment of the Tricky Fish.  Luckily for the Tricky , it does not appear that anyone took advantage of this dangerous situation and they could receive another review from Fork You. 

I was sure that this was going to be a better experience than the last.  Let’s face it, our first visit was just after they opened and they were still ironing out all the wrinkles.  It’s got to be better, right?  Well, bloggers, read on…

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Different Strokes for Different Folks – Bridge Road Bistro

Bridge Road Bistro – South Hills, Charleston, WV

Dan says…

Swan Ridge Bison Burger • 11.95

Bridge Road Bistro is a staple for many in South Hills.  So much in fact that they shorten the name and refer to it as the Bistro.  I don’t eat here as much as I would like.  When I suggest it and any other restaurant with a similar price range to “The Vegetarian Wife” she always picks something different.  She likes to stick with what she knows. This make sense, because after 11 years of eating spinach quesdillas she finally changed her Mexican restaurant order.

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