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A Review of Food and Wine Magazine – because I didn’t want to know anything about “Enami”

this picture is in no way associated with Food and Wine magazine, it is simply something I (Ron) googled.

Hello Ladies and Gents, and I do use those terms loosely.  

(Is now a good time to mention this is Ron?)

Yes, there’s a lull in the Fork You halls these days… too cold to go out and eat.  Yes, that task requires one of us to actually get off our bums to be the sacrificial lamb to go get the Fork You Mini Van and drive everyone to someplace to eat in order to express our culinary credibility to you our readers who are wasting your boss’ time by reading this. 

(wow – run on sentence there, wasn’t it?) 

Because our country has the greatest postal service in the world, I am able to bring you this fabulous piece of “Literary Gold”    

(this observation coming from someone who has never been across the Mississippi, has been to Canada, and the most foreign place he’s ever been was – Boone County WV)   

I originally posted this on my own personal blog  the other day, but because we’re starved for content here also in these troubling times, I decided to cross pollenate.  Spread my seed (or “disease”, choose your term). 

The other day the Fork You Mansion was delivered the March edition of Food and Wine Magazine….  here is my (Ron’s) review.  Please note that I pick up in the middle as the Fork You audience really doesn’t need to hear about my traumatizing knee injury  and brilliant description of it:   

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MTO ASAP – Sheetz

sheetz burger

Ron Says…

August 3rd, 2009

After putting up with Susan and her twenty year High School Reunion- serious folks, that’s a whole ‘nother post in and of itself – we had to venture back to Buckville to grab the kids.

Hanging out at Stonewall listening to far too many stories of yesteryear wondering why I’m here and for how long, we stayed far too long.  Thus by the time we arrived to get the kids it was close to lunch and because we had two hours back to the Fork You Mansion, well let’s feed the beast now and be done with it.

Stopping to fill up with overpriced petrol at Sheetz, I figure what better place to kill two birds with one stone.  Grub and Gas and Go.

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Best Lunch Special EVER – Bennigans

Note:  This restaurant CLOSED in 2009

Ron Says…

First ~ I have no Pictures as I was on a work lunch.

Second ~ I’m not even sure if this applies to all Bennigans.  Bennigans people speak up if it does.

Third ~ yes Bennigans is a chain, I don’t care, just shut up about that already.

Fourth ~ This is just my opinion, not Dan’s, Susan’s, Misty’s, or Phil’s, or yours.  MINE, just get over it.

Are you ready?

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Much More Than a Bowl of Noodles – Pho Vihn Long


Susan says…

Picking up the final jar of sprinkles required for the edible craft project I would be making with Misty that evening gave me the perfect excuse to be on D Street at lunch time.  It didn’t even take much arm-twisting to get Ron to agree to try Pho Vihn Long.  Maybe he thought I would pick up the tab since it was my idea. 

When you first enter the clean, small dining room, scents of spices and incense tease your nose, offereing hints of what’s to come.

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The King and his White Castle

rls_090214_001_columbus-fyouWhite Castle – just the sound of it “slides” off my tongue. 

At some point in my vast years of experience, I’ve come to love this place.  I don’t know when it happened,  but it happened sometime after I graduated college. 

In the late 1990’s I used to go to concerts with friends of mine, and because the bands I liked never frequented the Huntington / Charleston area we would always travel to Cincy or Columbus. Couple friends eventually ended up living there and once that happened it seemed the road trips became that much more frequent.

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We Drop the Hammer on – The Anvil

Ron says…

“New York Nouvelle ($20.95) – Grilled sirloin with carmelized onions and red wine demi sauce.”


That’s how it’s described according to the menu as we dined ATE, at this joint because Susan, Misty, or Terry couldn’t decide on what they wanted.   I will not elaborate on Susan trying to find the directions to one of the largest tourist attractions in the eastern panhandle that caused us to be a little late and thus being dark as she alludes to below in her review.

So I ended up picking this place…. because of the Inn At Charles Town’s bartender’s recommendation, plus after her description, I was pretty sure I had eaten here before.

I didn’t recall the place as being as cheap as it was upon our visit this eve, but that could have been because at that time I still was five forks shy of having NO Culinary Credibility.

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Third Time’s a Charmer – Billy’s

NOTE – Billy’s closed effective December 9, 2008

Reopened in February 2009 under the name: Billy’s Soho’s @ Southridge

CLOSED again Summer 2009


Ron Says…

Billys Restaurant

Billy’s ~ when I heard this place was opening from reading the various articles in the local papers, I couldn’t wait to come here.  I think if you’ve read my previous reviews or comments of Mr. Sohovich’s establishments, well you know I’m not that impressed (but we also know I have no “culinary credibility”).  I just don’t get what all the hype is.

Blossom ~ yeah I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad meal there, but I have never had what I’d call a great meal either.  Same with Soho’s, of which I used to work just down the street, it’s good, but it’s over priced.  These are my opinions, and obviously both of these places are doing something right for someone, or else they wouldn’t be in business today.

But when I read that he was moving into the old Smokey Bones building out Corridor G with something that’s going to be HOME COOKING or as my mom calls it “COMFORT FOOD”, well needless to say I was chomping at the bit to come here.

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