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25 Random Things About Fork You – Food Edition


Anyone with a Facebook account will recognize such atrocities as L’il Green Patch Requests and the endless movie quizzes.  It’s possible to send your friends a cocktail via Facebook but what good does that do ya when it’s impossible to consume it?  The current Facebook craze seems to be “25 Random Things”.  Running rampant through Facebook accounts across the country, it is fitting to share the 25 Random Things About Fork You.  Food-related, of course.

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Why Weren’t We Nominated for a Bloggie?

Susan says…

Take a look at the five finalists in the Best Food Blog category and it’s easy to see why.  They are fantastic.  I am adding these to the RSS feed app on my iPhone right away.

The Bloggies are in their ninth year of celebrating the best in blogging.  Voters choose the winners and everyone can participate.  It’s quick and easy and you’ll likely find some great new sites to keep you on the internet even more than you already are.

Finalists for Best Food Blog include:

  • The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  Written by a city slicker turned country bumpkin, I personally love this blog.  I am really anxious to try PW’s recipes.  And the photographs make me hungry. 
  • Smitten Kitchen.  Called “a very cute web site” by Martha Stewart, you find great recipes here.  The writer admits that her blog is fueled by wine and chocolate.  My kinda gal.
  • Cake Wrecks.  Dedicated to making fun of cakes instead of baking them.
  • Bakerella.  Dedicated to baking and hopefully not mentioned in any of the Cake Wrecks posts.  I can’t wait to make the cupcake pops. And apparantly neither could Martha, because she invited the writer to appear on her show!
  • Chocolate & Zucchini.  Another great recipe resource for folks that love to cook.  Blogging from her home in Montmartre led to a full-time career for this foodie.  And yes, she has recipes combining zucchini and chocolate.

While you are on the site voting, keep your mouse on the lookout for two other blogs I’d like to promote.

Ron is the cyclist in our family, having logged a great many miles on a mountain bike.  He sometimes takes me along on easy rides of mostly paved roads with no dogs.  I know a little bit about cycling stuff but The Fat Cyclist is a fun read even if you don’t.  Ron calls him my boyfriend.  He’s just jealous that I laugh more reading Fatty’s posts than I do his.  I even emailed Fatty once and he replied!  I saved it.  Fatty (that’s what all his friends call him) is a finalist in the Best Sports Blog category. 

A West Virginia blog made it to the big dance.  Chickens in The Road is a finalist for Best Kept Secret.  Suzanne McMinn writes about her life in Roane County, shares her recipes and posts some great photographs.  You’ll definitely want to check it out if you don’t know about it already.  And vote for her!

From Peanuts to Edamame – Shogun Japanese Steakhouse

Susan says…shogun-beer

The vacant Lonestar building in Barboursville beside the Cracker Barrel on Route 60 is vacant no more.  All the peanut shells are gone and have been replaced with a shiny coat of polish over the hard wood floors.  Other changes were made to the interior decor to turn a Texas steakhouse into the Japanese version.  The restaurant is filled with hibachi grills surrounded by chairs in the main dining room and an adjacent room.  The main dining room also boasts a small sushi bar and a larger drink bar.  Tables are positioned around both bars.  One of the tables near the sushi bar was our home base to experience Shogun on just their second evening of dinner service.

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Charleston Bagel Closing

As reported by WSAZ, Charleston Bagel Bakery will close its doors next Wednesday.  The owner says he’s been asked to vacate by the lessor by the end of January.

We reviewed this establishment in July, 2008.  Rumors of a closure were already circulating at that time.  We titled our post “It’s Only a Matter of Time” and unfortunately for the owners, we were correct.

Now we wonder what will move into that location…

A Culinary Tour of West Virginia


If you are looking for something to do this evening, consider the Tastes From the Mountains event being held at the Charleston Town Center Marriott.

Each of West Virginia’s nine tourist regions will be represented in dishes that showcase our state’s food products and local tastes.  Marriott Executive Chef, Loren Schrader, will be presenting the tapas along with wines and beer, including some produced in West Virginia.

Dishes include: Buffalo Sliders and Sweet Potato Chips, Lamb Sausage Corn Dogs with Cranberry Ketchup, New Appalachian Antipasti, Whole Roasted Stuffed Pig, and Rossi Pasta with Bolognese and Pesto Sauce.

Tickets are available at the door for $50 per person.  The event will be held in the Marriott Ballroom this evening, Friday January 23, from 5:00 until 7:30 p.m. 

This afternoon, ProStart students from 50 high school programs in West Virginia will be demonstrating their talents at the Marriott from 11:00 to 1:00.  The public can enjoy the sights and smells, along with free tastings of the dishes.

Tomorrow, thirteen chefs will be competing in the Cast-Iron Cookoff, also at the Marriott.  Bridge Road Bistro, Charleston Marriott, and Berry Hills Country Club will be represented as well as Café Cimino, Blennerhassett Hotel, Smokey’s on the Gorge, The Greenbrier, Glade Springs and Stonewall Resort.

A Monongahela Delight – The Alpine Springs Lodge


Dan says…

This place is special. Well, it is special to me.  You see, many long days of trail running in the Monongahela National Forest ended with a cold beer and a hot bowl of chili right here at the Alpine Springs Lodge. This place is a welcome sight after a hard days play on Boar’s Nest Trail in the Roaring Plains backcountry or taking in the High Falls of the Cheat on top of Shavers Mountain. Located in Alpena, WV on RT 33 about 11 miles from Elkins, it is convenient to many outdoor activities in beautiful Randolph County. Continue reading

Approaching a Century of Reviews

  Table number 1 0 Copper Square Number 0

To date, Fork You has posted 85 West Virginia restaurant reviews.  We are approaching our 100th WV review and we want to make it something special. 

If we keep the current pace, we should hit that milestone during the month of March.  Of course, the frigid winter temperatures provide a great reason to pack a lunch instead of going out so our WIP (work-in-progress) folder has dwindled and the cadence may slow.

Another date to look forward to is April 18, 2009 – our one year anniversary! 

Could the planets align and cause both events to transpire concurrently?  It’s possible. 

We Forkers have begun to discuss the restaurant which would be worthy of such an esteemed distinction, the 100th WV Review, and we’d like your input.

Some ideas currently on the table include:

  • Review the oldest Charleston restaurant, which we believe may be Leonoro’s.  If it is indeed Leonoro’s, we already reviewed them.  Hmmm.
  • Review the Greenbrier.  Upside: it would give Phil an opportunity to wear his tuxedo without looking completely out of place.  Downside: funding.  Specifically, lack thereof.
  • Invite readers to join us at the 100th review location. Daniel is anxious to sign autographs.
  • Burger King.
  • Go back to the place where it all began: The Tricky Fish.  However, we may be prohibited from entering that restaurant due to our first two reviews. 

Please let us know how you think we should mark the occasion by submitting a comment.