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The King and his White Castle

rls_090214_001_columbus-fyouWhite Castle – just the sound of it “slides” off my tongue. 

At some point in my vast years of experience, I’ve come to love this place.  I don’t know when it happened,  but it happened sometime after I graduated college. 

In the late 1990’s I used to go to concerts with friends of mine, and because the bands I liked never frequented the Huntington / Charleston area we would always travel to Cincy or Columbus. Couple friends eventually ended up living there and once that happened it seemed the road trips became that much more frequent.

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Toto, We’re Not in Shoney’s Anymore – Los Agaves



Susan says…




My first impression of this Mexican eatery was that of surprise.  The parking lot was remarkably crowded for lunchtime in South Charleston.  We had to wait for someone to back out of their parking space for our vehicle to find a slot.

The former Shoney’s had shed itself of most of the Shoney-esqueness to look like a typical Mexican joint.  The place was clean and we were seated quickly – another surprise given the packed parking lot.

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Fresh From the Local Farm to Your Table

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Would you love to enjoy fresh produce but don’t have the land, skill or energy to grow it yourself?  Are you concerned about the chemicals used by large-scale growers?  Did you know that most produce we consume is harvested weeks in advance of our purchasing it, giving the flavors time to dissipate?

If so, take a look at Community Supported Agriculture.

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Please, Please Tell Me Now – Why do Restaurants Run Out of Food?

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Faithful reader, Garrett, posted a recent comment about going to a restaurant and learning that they were out of fish.  The place has FISH IN THE NAME.  It’s happened to me dozens of times at dozens of different restaurants. 

One time, Ron and I were dining out locally and we were told they were out of potatoes when Ron attempted to order a baked tubar to go along with his chocen hunk of meat at a steakhouse.  This was unacceptable to Ron who plainly informed our unfortunate server: “you know they sell potatoes at Krogers”.  (It was shocking to me, too, that Ron would be so bold.)

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Does PF stand for Phony Food? – PF Changs

Susan says…

Yes, Daniel, it’s a chain.  But it’s a non-local chain.  Does that redeem the review even a little bit?


Ron and I spent Valentine’s weekend in Columbus, Ohio at Easton Town Center.  We have built a lot of history at this place.  I bought my first Brighton set at Easton.  I bought my first pair of True Religion jeans at Nordstrom.  Hope once ate a hot fudge sundae as big as her head at the Cheesecake Factory.  We have spent hours playing skee ball at Gameworks. I fell in love with Two Three-Buck Chuck at Trader Joe’s.  Most of Ron’s history at Easton, however, involves Adobe Gilas and their happy hour specials.

We enjoyed our first meal on a trip like this at Brio Tuscan Grille, a fine eatery.  Fado’s Irish Pub was a great place to enjoy Guiness wings, a Smithwick’s and a Glenlivet.  California Pizza Kitchen serves up a tasty pizza and the Cheesecake Factory is one of my favorite chains of all time.  But on this special occasion, I wanted to try something new.  Something Asian.  PF Changs.

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The Mildly Upset Whopper

OK, we’ve all seen the commercial for the new Burger King Angry Whopper, if you haven’t, well you’re not missing much.  I had the bright idea to do some research on this here new Whopper.

You see the BK Whopper is a favorite of mine, I remember when they ran a promotion for a $0.99 Whopper. Oh, I was in heaven during those days.  I used to walk to the Burger King on Washington Street at least once a week to get my fix.  Now it is gone, and Susan’s not a BK fan so my Whopper consumption has gone down considerably (yet my waistband has continued to expand – yes that’s a testament to the human spirit)

So over the past couple of months I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to try one of these things.  Plus because Susan keeps harping on people to get their reviews in and craving content.  Seriously, I’ve heard “I’ve got nothing to post tomorrow” so many times these days that it’s driving me crazy, but I thought I’d kill a couple birds with one stone.  My Whopper Craving and Fork You Content being the birds.  (yes you’re probably saying that this review is for the birds by now, especially all you chain snobs – you know who you are.)

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Open Letter to Chef Richard Arbaugh

Dear Chef Arbaugh,


Events of this week have inspired me, nay compelled me to write this letter. While I do want to share the affect these events have had upon me and diners across our fair city, I must begin by describing the first time we met.

My first introduction to you , Chef Arbaugh, was not a handshake, an internet communication, an informative yet one-dimensional article in the Daily Mail. No, the first time I met you, you spoke to me through a sandwich.

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