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Border Food Bordering on Boring – Chili Willi’s

chilli willi chips


Ron Says…

Chili Willi’s – is one of those places that I truly associate with West Virginia’s second largest city and probably first that will be placed in recievership, also home of the Greater Huntington Area Community College. 

( YES – I’m like Butter!!!  ….  on a Roll )

Chili Willi’s to me is a neat little place that used to reside in the true downtown section near 9th and 8th streets.  But since has moved to a less cramped place down the road near 14th street.  But still serving up the same Tex Mex fare.

What the hell is Tex Mex?   Mexican American?  What?  Neverthess they do have some decent dishes and even if you get a hamburger it’s going to have a south of the border twist to it.  Note the hamburger reference 😦   I’ve always liked Chili Willi’s, but I never really went there a lot, in the old place it was always packed and cramped, and well I’m a a messy drunk and tend to spill a lot.   So if it was crowded I went someplace else. 

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Poll – Do you tip at buffets?

Susan says:
I am curious do you tip at buffets?

A Beach Burger – Surf Bar

surf bar burger

Ron's burger, cooked just the way he likes it, $8.95

Susan says… Ron Says…

(Part of my reports from the Charleston SC / Folly Beach area)

Aptly named, this joint is a bar located near the surf just off Center Street in Folly Beach.  The menu offers about a half dozen items so don’t expect great variety.  The family unit wanted burgers.  We heard this was the place in Folly to obtain such a meal and it was within walking distance to our condo.  I gave into the suggestion, thinking this would be a budget-conscious meal, thus freeing up some dollars for our splurge later in the week at Hall’s Chophouse.  …. Ok first “we heard” is not really true, because I do not do research on places prior to when I go on vacation.  That is Susan’s job, well actually it’s not even her job, it’s her HOBBY, no not hobby, but more like her disorder as in OCD.  This is what she found.  Personally I think she did pretty good as I liked it.  Although, “budget conscious” wasn’t really in my mind I just figured I’m on vacation and I’m going to get jacked up wherever I go, why should the surf bar be any different.

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Best Bar Idea Ever – Kaminsky’s


photo from

Susan says…

Part of my reports from the Charleston, SC / Folly Beach area

This has to be the best bar idea ever.  Located adjacent to T Bonz restaurant on Market Street in historic Charleston SC, Kaminsky’s satisfies both your thirst and your sweet tooth.

kaminskys inside

The interior ambiance is romantic and intimate.  A large bar stretches across one side of the space.  Brick walls, dark woods and low-lighting complete the stage.  It’s a small space, holding about a dozen tables.  We were seated immediately when we arrived but as we lingered, the place became packed with tourists and locals.

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You Don’t Need a Hog To Enjoy This Food – Fat Bob’s Roadhouse

fat bob outside

Misty says…

I have heard from many people about the greatness of FatBobs.  I’ve always avoided it because 1.  I’ve heard that it is “crazy” busy and 2. Motorcycles are just not how I roll and I figured I would stick out like a sore thumb.  But I was assured that this would not be a Dome experience and was on my way to try it.

When we walked in, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was much different than I expected.  We walked through a very clean showroom to get to the eating area.  The eating area was much smaller than I expected.  There were only 3 or 4 booths, a few tables and some bar seating.  But luckily we were there early and grabbed a table.  (FYI- After being there for about 5 minutes, all the tables were full- but there was still some bar seating.) Continue reading

Now THAT’s a Piece of Meat – Halls Chophouse

hall's exterior

photo from

Susan says…

Believe it or not, I have a tendency to railroad my family into eating at the restaurants I choose.  I do try to be a little more thoughtful on vacation, though, and let Ron pick one place.  Sort of.  I pick one place that I think Ron will really enjoy.  This year, on this trip, that one restaurant is Halls Chophouse.

You see, Ron is a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  He loves a good steak and mashed potatoes can be a religious experience for him.  Hall’s is a quintessential steak house.  They offer dry-aged beef, iceberg wedge salad, creamed spinach, onion rings…all the dishes you’d expect at a steakhouse.  After forcing him to endure J Paul’z, the gelato place, and a double helping of Taco Boy, I felt I owed it to him to take him out for a man’s man sort of meal.

Located in the prime shopping area of the peninsula, Halls sits proudly on King Street.  It was an easy walk from nearby parking at the Visitor’s Center. 

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