The Forks

What do the FORKS mean?

FIVE Forks:Five Forks

This restaurant is the best of the best in its category.

Factors considered could include: great food, great service, and great atmosphere.  When a restaurant does all these things well, put the pieces together and you’ll find an outstanding overall experience.  Finely prepared gourmet food is not a prerequisite to obtaining this, the highest honor Fork You can bestow upon an establishment.  Just do your thang and do it well!

This establishment is a must visit.

Note to restaurants: STRIVE FOR FIVE

FOUR Forks:Four Forks

This restaurant will provide you with a great meal.

Some really good eateries are separated from the perfect 5-fork placesetting by small details.  Maybe they had plastic tablecloths.  Maybe the service wasn’t quite up to standard.  Maybe we just didn’t “feel it” that day.  Whatever the reason, they were oh so close to reaching the summit of their culinary goals.

Visit this establishment with confidence.

THREE Forks:forks-three

This restaurant is good, but not great.

Many everyday dining locales get a THREE Fork rating.  They are good places to eat.  The high volume of clientele may prevent them from being great at any one thing.  Perhaps they have a couple great menu items and the remainder of the offerings are a yawn.  Sometimes the atmosphere and service are so poor that they bring a place with great food down to an average rating.

This establishment fulfills the need for nourishment but not the desire for a complete dining experience.

TWO Forks:forks-two

This restaurant is merely acceptable.

If a business got two forks it is not in the “The Fives” normal dining rotation.  Limited menu, slow service and poor value will definitely result in a two-fork rating.  We might go back if circumstances force us to, but “All signs point to No.”

Visit this establishment only once a year to remind yourself why you didn’t like it.

ONE Fork:one-fork

Not Recommended.

There was one redeeming quality that saved this restaurant from the absolute lowest rating possible.  Basically, it was, simply put: bad.   And we wouldn’t recommend it, even to people we don’t like.

Visit this establishment at your own risk.

“NO Forks for You”no forks

No way, Jose.

This meal was so bad that a Seinfeld reference had to be used.  Not Recommended.  Generally words can’t describe the pain that was experienced during our visit, but somehow we will write it down anyway.  Don’t eat here until we revise our review.

If you visit this establishment after reading our review, you have only yourself to blame.


Rarely does just one reviewer rate the restuarant, and we all have different tastes.  These reviews are reflective of our experience on the day of our review but are also influenced by past visits to that particular restaurant and compared to all other places we have experienced.

Whether you are a diner or a restaurateur, we would love to hear your comments.  Please “talk back” when you wholeheartedly agree and especially if you think we’re full of it.

You should average our ratings and make your own dining decisions.  Just remember our opinions are the only ones that matter! 😉