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Half-Time Ran Out of Time

Breaking News:

WSAZ is reporting that Half Time Sports Bar and Grill at the Charleston Town Center has turned off its fryers and closed it doors. 


The Point Pleasant location reportedly is doing well and continues to operate.

Ironically, owner Mike Hughes cited “the drive of his staff” as one reason for the closure after several commented on our review in defense of the restaurant.


In other WSAZ news, a new restaurant should be opening on Capitol Street within the next few weeks. 

Scott Carpenter will open “The Grill” at 10 Capitol Street, offering seafood, pizzas, and pasta and late night hours.

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Hibernate Here – Bear’s Den

 bears den outside

Susan says…

You know how you just aren’t culinarily compatible with some people?  You probably have a friend that hasn’t enjoyed a single place you’ve recommended to them and you think the places they prefer are awful.  Or maybe you just like different styles of food: they like home cookin’, you like Asian fusion.  I have such a friend and his name is Misty’s Husband.

Misty’s Husband is a meat ‘n taters kind of guy.  His favorite food group is fat.  He can eat his own weight in hot wings.  He makes up nicknames for restaurants, too.  He refers to the Cathedral Café in Fayetteville as: “the #hitty little deli with the library books”.   He asks me if I have “included any weird ingredients” when I invite him over for dinner, with the word “weird” having a very broad-range definition.

Since we are polar opposites when it comes to food, this review will be evidence of a modern miracle occurring on Capitol Street:  I actually agree with Misty’s Husband about a restaurant.

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Boy, oh Boy…What a Delicious Taco! – Taco Boy

taco boy outside

Susan says…

I am going to get to it straight away: these are, by far, the best tacos I have ever wrapped my lips around.  E-vah.

Never did I imagine in my wildest dreams that the best taco ever could be had in little, touristy Folly Beach.  But indeed, that’s where the best tacos reside.  At Taco Boy.  Our first meal in Folly Beach was so good, I am certain it cannot be topped.  Before departing the restaurant, I was already making plans to return before the end of our week.  The kids said they were going to scream if I said “My food was SO good” one more time.

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Guest Review – Weenie Wonk Goes to the Surrey House

Fork You is delighted to present this guest review from our friend and WV Hot Dog Officienado, Stanton, of WV Hot Dog Blog fame.   Pleased with a recent meal, he felt inspired to write.  And since said meal did not involve a WV Hot Dog, he was unable to express himself on his own blog.  That’s what friends are for.   

When I realized that a recent trip southward from Charleston on the Robert C. Byrd Highway (Rt. 119) was going to take me into Logan County at dinner time, my first thought was obviously to head over to Morrison’s Drive Inn for one of West Virginia’s finest Five Weenie delights. But I found myself in the mood for something other than hot dogs. Yes, I do eat other things sometimes.

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Dining News – A new option on Snowshoe Mountain

Dan says…village

There is one more dining option on Snowshoe Mountain and this time it is a Fork You favorite.  I was enjoying a Almost Heaven Amber in the pub at Mountain State Brewing Co. last Thursday and got the scoop the Taste of Asia is opening a location in the Snowshoe Village.  MSB owner, Willie Lehmann, reported that they delivered a keg of Seneca Indian Pale Ale to their new location. You might of seen Willie on the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods chowing on some of his grandmother’s Swiss treats with Andrew Zimmern.  He siad he has gotten exactly three perks from that TV appearance.  The day affter the show aired he was able to the skip the line and got a free burger at Ray’s Hell Burger the day after Obama’s visit.  He got a warning instead of a ticket from one of West Virginia’s finest.  And in Morgantown he was treated to a drink. It seems you need to take advantage of that 15 minutes before it dries up.

Picture from from

Thai Lanna

Susan says…

Our second visit to Thai Lanna was as satisfying as the first.  Ron has a friend living in the Mooresville/Lake Norman area of North Carolina and we have overnighted here many times.  He suggested Thai Lanna on a previous trip after learning that we like Thai food.  Driving around exit 36 off I-77, we spotted this gem of a strip mall tenant and knew our decision was made.

thai lanna inside

The interior is nicely adorned with Thai-themed statues, florals, artwork and music.  White linen tablecloths cover all the tables and red linen napkins are artfuly folded at each place setting.

The menu has something for everyone.  Well, unless you don’t like Thai food.  And if you don’t, you probably would have steered clear of a place with “Thai” in the name.  And you’d be a fool – Thai food rocks.  The creaminess of the curries, the tender, thinly sliced meats, the HEAT!  Yowza, it’s good.

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