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It Was a Fine Time… at Huntington Prime

Ashley says…

A couple of Fridays ago, I informed my better half that I wanted to go to Huntington Prime for dinner. It was a date. I read some reviews online and looked at HP’s website and learned that the dining room is really small. For that reason, and the fact that it was homecoming weekend at Marshall, we decided to go early. Oh, and Happy Hour is from 4:00-6:00 every day with $1.50 draft beers making for reason number three.

Huntington Prime is located on 4th Avenue in downtown Huntington, right in the middle of it all. We easily found the restaurant and just as easily found a metered parking space right out in front. It was 5:15 when we walked in. What I read was true about the size of the dining room, but I actually didn’t expect it to be this small. Its decor and furnishings are modern and eclectic, but it’s cozy and warm at the same time. My first impression was a good one. There’s a nice long bar at the back of the room with a brick pizza oven on one end. From our seats, the fire for the pizza oven looked fake like it was a gas fire. One thing I didn’t like about the bar area was the TV. The restaurant is a little on the upscale side, and is cozy and quiet. I don’t believe a TV is necessary or fits in here.

We were greeted by a friendly server who told us about the happy hour specials of $1.50 draft beers, $2.50 bottled beers, $3.00 house wines, the prime rib dinner special priced at $16. 95 and the appetizer and pizza special of $8.00 each. We ordered a Yuengling draft and a Bud Light draft. They came in fancy tall skinny glasses that we guessed probably didn’t hold a full 12 oz. of beer. But still, $1.50 for almost a can of beer isn’t too bad. And they were pretty in those glasses!

The waitress confirmed what we’d suspected-that the prime rib dinner special probably was a smaller version of the one listed on the menu for $25.50. The special is a 12 oz. cut with a baked potato only. The $25.50 version includes a 14 oz. cut of meat, a baked potato and vegetables. My husband had prime rib on his mind and he wanted the big piece, so that’s what he ordered.

Speaking of the menu…Huntington Prime uses local ingredients as much as possible. On their menu they actually state the name of the farms that provide some of those items. I think it’s pretty cool that they do this and it’s interesting to me to see in black and white where it came from. The menu is pretty diverse. Their biggest selling entree is, of course, The Huntington PrimeRib. There were a few other entrees that I found interesting and wanted to try like the 14 Hour Beef Brisket, the Gardener Farms Lamb Shank and the Cast Iron Mac and Cheese.

Pork belly and grits. Terrible picture. Looks more like a cinnamon roll. But it was just as tasty.

However, the one entree that really caught my eye was the Pork Belly & Smoke Gouda Grits.

I’ve only in the last year or so started liking grits, and only with cheese, and not instant ones. I make several trips to South Carolina each year, and grits are a staple in the south, so it’s no wonder I started eating them. And I’m a sucker for smoked gouda cheese. I absolutely LOVE it so I couldn’t pass up this dish.

I also LOVE bacon. And bacon is pork belly. So, of course, this pork belly dish would have to be good, even though its preparation is nothing like that of bacon.

I also added the soup, salad and homemade bread bar to my meal for $4.50. Like the rest of the restaurant, the salad bar is tiny. It’s made up of two fresh salads (one caesar and one regular garden salad), two homemade soups (ale/cheese and butternut squash), three homemade dressings (caesar, ranch and strawberry vinaigrette) and warm french bread with butter. I got a little of the garden salad with the yummy strawberry dressing and a little of the caesar salad with the fresh shaved parmesan, a cup of ale/cheese soup and a slice of bread. The soup was delish! I wanted to go back for more soup, but our food arrived before I was finished with my salad.

My pork belly and grits were a huge serving. The grits were cheesy and flavored really well and the pork belly was fork tender and had  great flavor. The pork was a little on the fatty side. DUH! Again, it’s pork belly, from the underside (belly) of the pig, where, like humans, the pig carries its fat. I subbed the kale with bacon and onions for asparagus.  Love kale, can take or leave asparagus.  And rarely do you see kale on menus, so I had to take advantage.


kale with bacon and onions

The kale was excellent and contained lots of bacon. (Did I mention I love bacon?) I liked it so much, I recreated it at home a week later.

Husband’s medium rare prime rib was humongous. It was served with horseradish and au jus and sides of kale and a salted baked potato. I took a bite of the meat and was a bit disappointed in its lack of flavor. And the au jus was a little on the cool side. It was very tender, though, and with enough salt, it would be just right.

The Huntington Prime Rib dinner

HP also makes their own desserts and the choices vary each night. Choices the night of our visit were tres leche cake, banana split pie, carrot cake, cheesecake and German chocolate cake. A relative had recommended the tres leche cake, so we got a piece of it and a piece of banana split pie to go. Both were really good.

Huntington Prime is a nice upscalish restaurant in a cozy but casual atmosphere. They also serve lunch.  Dress ranged from t-shirts and jeans to suits. Entree prices are reasonable and the selection is diverse enough for even a picky eater. FOUR FORKS.

910  4th Ave.

Huntington, WV 25701


Big News Confirmed With Photo Evidence…

…of the Town Center location, specifically.  In August, the Daily Mail reported that both Five Guys Burgers and Fries and Qdoba Mexican Grill were opening new locations at the Charleston Town Center and at Southridge in the Dudley Farms plaza.

Both restaurants will share the former Gratzi location at the Town Center and are scheduled to open before the holidays.   Five Guys will occupy the space that was formerly All Care Dental at Dudley Farms and Qdoba will occupy part of the space where Shoe Carnival used to be. 

Town Center location from accross the street

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is hugely popular and has 750 locations in 40 other states.  I’d heard about it a few years back and ate at one in Myrtle Beach.  I’ve yet to eat at the Huntington location in Pullman Square.  Five Guys is known for its gigantic burgers and fresh-cut fries.  I thought it was good, but nothing all that special. 

Qdoba is a “fast casual” chain that serves “fresh Mex” food.  There are over 700 locations throughout the U.S., including at the Huntington Mall in Barboursville.  It sounds a lot like Cilantro’s, which I loved, so maybe I’ll give it a try soon.

I predict both restaurants at both of their new locations will do well.