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They’ll Nickle and Dime Ya – Custard Stand

 Susan says…

I think this review is a good candidate for the He Said/She Said format since I disagree with some of Ron’s comments.  My words are in blue.

Ron Says…

I totally got screwed at this joint.  First let me say I wanted to review the Wendy’s Bacon Deluxe Burger, but we stopped here at Flatwoods, and well the Wendy’s could not accept a gift card.  Something about their modem line and all that.  If they had put a sign out with more info I could say more about it.  I also could have not waited in line for five minutes, but that is a story for a different blog post. 

Susan says – OK.  This part is true.  We stopped at Wendy’s because a nice Wendy’s rep sent Ron a $5 gift card to try the bacon burger and write about it. We waited forever for them to try to get the gift card to work, but it didn’t really matter because we had no cash – I was planning to pay for mine with my debit card.  If the modem wasn’t going to work for the gift card, it wasn’t going to work for the debit card and therefore we weren’t getting a bacon burger.

So because Susan was starving, we decided to check out this place if not for anything other than website content. 

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News Nuggets

More Food Choices in South Charleston

South Charleston welcomes another new restaurant this week: The Happy Days Cafe.

Happy Days Cafe is located on D Street in South Charleston. The cafe, which is an ice cream and sandwich shop with a ’50s and ’60s theme, will also feature Greenlee Gourmet Popcorn, formerly sold from the now vacant space next door.  When this space opened up, Greenlee opted to move and expand.

An informative article appears in the Daily Mail.

With seating for 51 hungry customers, the menu features sandwiches, daily soup specials, house-made BBQ sammies, and hot dogs – with homemade sauce and slaw.  Stanton better get to D Street tout de suite!  (Perhaps we can once again join forces for our third joint review.)  To wash it down: shakes, floats and flavored Coca Cola.

Stop by between the hours of 10 am and 8 pm, Monday through Friday and check it out.

Say goodbye to Bennigan’s…Again

The Bennigan’s in the Charleston Town Center has once again closed its doors.  Is this time truly the end?  Can this defunct eatery still be awarded Best in the Valley – French Restaurant?

Moroccan Pizza Buffet Closes

One of the local lunch spots on Fork You’s regular rotation has closed. 

Sure it’s kind of a quirky combination:  all-you-can-eat pizza and Moroccan food, but endless yummy pizza at a great price should have been bringing nearby state workers through the doors in droves.  Unfortunately, despite the seemingly busy lunch crowds, the Morocco Meditteranean Cuisine and Pizza is  no more.  Misty & I will definitely miss their spinach/feta pizza.

Wet your Whistle at Mrs. Winkle’s


NOTE: This restaurant is closed.

Dan says…

I have always had trouble pronouncing certain words and the prior name of this establishment was no exception.  Being a WV transplant and not familiar with the restuarant I have always called it Bon-i-cals instead of Bo-win-kles.  So I appreciate the name change to something easier for me, Mrs. Winkle’s.  Now I have to assume the owner is married and not a feminist, because she went with the Mrs. and not the Miss or Ms. title.  I’m glad she didn’t hyphenate, because that would be a mouthful.  “Hey Susan, you want to go ‘fork’ Ms. Manchini-Winkle’s?” Continue reading

Will This Place Fly For Long? – Wing World

This restaurant is CLOSED

Ron says…


We arrived at 1:30 so there were only two other customers besides ourselves having wings on this cold blistery day.

Before coming here, we had heard “horror” stories about this place… I’ve had three former co-workers tell me this place sucks..  One had even clamed it made him sick for a week.  We had heard that the owners yelled at the employees… the list just goes on and on.

So coming back from Wally World run… we decided to check it out. I figured at least get a cold beer and a few wings..

Well the place was neat, it had a few video games, but no alcohol.  How the hell do you serve wings with no alcohol?  For that matter “Why”?? 

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