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Breaking News – Slider’s Pancake House

Good news, readers.

In an informal interview today, Fork You learned that the Morocco Mediterranean Cuisine and Pizza is only temporarily closed.

When Subway vacates their Washington Street location, the Original Sinbad’s Pizza will move in.   The transition should take place this fall.  I can already smell the spinach-feta pizza…

sliders outside

The firehouse space is now open as Slider’s Pancake House, under the same owner.  (Click on thumbnails below for full size menu.)

Some notable notes about Slider’s: 

  • all menu items are available all day long, including breakfast
  • reasonably priced kids’ meals are available, featuring a PB&J with a drink for only $1.99  (perhaps Ron will attempt to order that for himself)
  • salads are an option for the calorie-conscious diners
  • sandwiches are served with your choice of fries or rings, or for $1 more, you can substitute roasted red potatoes or a baked potato
  • plans are to operate 24 hours a day on weekends, beginning this Friday and Saturday – nothing can soak up the half dozen martinis you drank like a big stack of pancakes.  Am I right?

Sam also told Fork You that the vacant space adjacent to the now-Subway-soon-to-become-Sinbad’s Pizza may have a future as a grocery for East Enders.

slider menu_1slider menu_2slider menu_3slider menu_4

Slider’s Pancake House
1604 Washington St E
Charleston, WV
(304) 340-0091

You May be Starstruck by the Stardust Cafe

stardust outside

Susan says…

Part two of my culinary report from Lewisburg involves the Stardust Cafe. 

As I noted in my Julian’s review last week, three names popped up when I was asking around town for a good place to eat.  Since I had chosen Julian’s for our evening meal and Ron was still out on the road somewhere trying to close the gap created when he rode with me “off the back” for the first 21 miles of his 85 mile route, I thought a glass of wine and a snack at Stardust seemed like a stellar idea.

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News Nuggets

More Food Choices in South Charleston

South Charleston welcomes another new restaurant this week: The Happy Days Cafe.

Happy Days Cafe is located on D Street in South Charleston. The cafe, which is an ice cream and sandwich shop with a ’50s and ’60s theme, will also feature Greenlee Gourmet Popcorn, formerly sold from the now vacant space next door.  When this space opened up, Greenlee opted to move and expand.

An informative article appears in the Daily Mail.

With seating for 51 hungry customers, the menu features sandwiches, daily soup specials, house-made BBQ sammies, and hot dogs – with homemade sauce and slaw.  Stanton better get to D Street tout de suite!  (Perhaps we can once again join forces for our third joint review.)  To wash it down: shakes, floats and flavored Coca Cola.

Stop by between the hours of 10 am and 8 pm, Monday through Friday and check it out.

Say goodbye to Bennigan’s…Again

The Bennigan’s in the Charleston Town Center has once again closed its doors.  Is this time truly the end?  Can this defunct eatery still be awarded Best in the Valley – French Restaurant?

Moroccan Pizza Buffet Closes

One of the local lunch spots on Fork You’s regular rotation has closed. 

Sure it’s kind of a quirky combination:  all-you-can-eat pizza and Moroccan food, but endless yummy pizza at a great price should have been bringing nearby state workers through the doors in droves.  Unfortunately, despite the seemingly busy lunch crowds, the Morocco Meditteranean Cuisine and Pizza is  no more.  Misty & I will definitely miss their spinach/feta pizza.

WV Division of Tourism Releases 101 Unique Places to Dine in West Virginia

101 places

Check out this fantastic list of 101 unique places to dine in our wild and wonderful state on the WV Division of Tourism website.  Tourism partnered with the Collaborative for 21st Century Appalachia, and public input, to compile this group of eateries.

The Collaborative for 21st Century Appalachia is a nonprofit organization, formed in 2005, that promotes economic development in our area by emphasizing local ingredients resulting in a healthier version of traditional foods.  At the WVFARM2U site, you’ll find all kinds of great information, including a listing of WV restaurants that feature WV-grown produce and proteins. 

Back to the 101.  You’ll find the address, phone number, website (for most) and a brief description of each establishment.  Restaurants are listed alphabetically, so the order in which they appear is not related to a rating system of any sort.  As you can see from the map above, the list covers all areas of the state.

 Fork You has visited about a third of the places on the list, although some of those visits did not result in an official “forking”.  When traveling away from home, the list can provide dining inspiration, and perhaps one day we can say we’ve tried them all.

How many of the 101 have you been to?

Best at the Mall May Be Best of Crete

best of crete outside

Susan says…

Misty and I always like a side of shopping with our lunch whenever we can come up with a good excuse.  On this day, I had something to return and Misty needed to drop off a pair of shoes for repair.  So we headed toward Charleston Town Center for our lunch hour.

If you have never tried Best of Crete at the food court, you definitely need to.

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Welcome, New Readers!

Fork You granted their first ever television interview today.  OK, ok…so it was the only interview ever requested.  Like Ron says, let’s not get bogged down in details.



Brad Myers from WSAZ put together a fine piece of journalism and we appreciate his interest in our endeavors.

 If you found us via WSAZ, welcome! 

Our goal here at Fork You is to become a resource for restaurant reviews and information in West Virginia, concentrating primarily in the Kanawha Valley area.  Occasionally you’ll see an out-of-state restaurant review, a recipe, a discussion topic or dining news on our site as well.  We are just regular people going out to eat and reporting on our experiences.

We have over 100 West Virginia restaurant reviews and you can search them by name by clicking on the “Our Reviews” page.  If you are wondering “Who are these Yahoos?” then click on “The Reviewers” to read a little bit about each of the regular writers.  “The Forks” explains our five-fork rating system.  (Since we’re just regular people with opinions, the five-fork system can only be a guideline.)  Finally, if you know of a restaurant you’d like to see reviewed on Fork You, submit a comment on the “Future Reviews” page.  We can’t guarantee we’ll get to it, but we’ll certainly try.

Fork You wouldn’t be what it is today without the commenters – please give us your feedback, whether you agree with us or not.  (Just keep it relatively clean.)

You can also find us on your iPhone (or computer) at Urban Spoon.  And we Tweet on Twitter as forkyoublog. 

A Reservation Worth Making – Julian’s

julians outside 

Susan says…

While shopping along Washington Street in Lewisburg WV last weekend, I asked around about the perfect place for a nice meal for two later that evening.  Since I had ridden 21 miles in the Wheels of Hope Bicycle Ride that morning (and Ron was still in the midst of his 85-mile ride at the time), I didn’t feel the need to be overly concerned about calories.  I just burned a bunch off, right?  Specifically, I inquired about Julian’s, the Tavern 1785 and Stardust Cafe.  I was advised by the locals to make a reservation no matter which dining destination I chose.   I received positive feedback about each restaurant with one shopkeeper stating “you can’t get a bad meal at any of our four restaurants”.  (I figured Food & Friends was the unnamed fourth.)

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