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Wow! That’s Hot! And I Don’t Mean the Peppers – Chin’s

chins outside

Misty says…

I have been going to Chin’s in Kanawha City ever since I joined the lunch group (before we started the blog) and I could never find anything I really liked.  I have tried the Lo Mein, the chicken and broccoli, the pepper steak, and a few others and it all tasted, for a lack of a better term, slimy. 

After a while, I gave up and would just order the sweet and sour chicken.  I wasn’t happy with that choice, but at least it wasn’t slimy.  I would always agree to go to Chin’s with an unenergetic “that’s fine.”

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True or False?

There is no such thing as




(talk amongst yourselves)

You Say “To-may-to”, I Say “To-mah-to” – Minard’s Spaghetti Inn

minards outside

Susan says…

After a failed attempt to dine at Minard’s Spaghetti Inn on Easter Sunday (they were closed), I thought it might be nice to treat my Dad to dinner there for Father’s Day.  We made a real event of it by also inviting Ron’s Dad and Stepmom, who live in nearby Grafton.  In fact, this was the first time our fathers had even met. 

I have adopted a strict policy concerning Italian food and the northern part of the state:

If you make it to Route 50 or points north, you MUST eat Italian.

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Vote For “Best in the Valley 2009”

Susan says…

Our pals over at WV Gourmet are running an interesting campaign involving the Best in the Valley poll at the Charleston Gazette.  Click on the link to read their post.


Scrolling down through the categories for Food and Fun on the Gazette’s site, you will note some rather strange ones.  How can you have a competition when you’re the only one in the running? 

For example, how many amusement parks are there in the valley?  Maybe Rock Lake Putt Putt counts, or the Grand Prix place at Southridge.  Cafeterias?  I guess CAMC is hoping to pull out a win in that category.  What about chocolate shops?  yep, we have a whole bunch of those, too.  I can think of Holl’s and the Godiva stand at the Town Center. 

And that’s just reviewing the first page of the ballot.

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Get a Frosty With Dad


Recently there has been some publicity about the Father’s Day Frosty promotion at Wendy’s.

A reader sent Fork You some information to pass along so you can help a good cause and enjoy a cool treat! is a site where kids can create their own custom
Father’s Day eCards for Dad or select a pre-designed card created by a
celebrity.  Wendy’s will donate 25¢ to the Dave Thomas Foundation for
for every card sent.

And, over Father’s Day Weekend (June 20-21), Wendy’s will donate 50¢
from every Frosty sold to the DTFA. offers a BOGO coupon
to try the two new Frosty flavors – Frosty-cino & Coffee Toffee
Twisted Frosty.

Prix Fixe Menu at south hills market and cafe

shmc table setting

South Hills Market & Cafe at the Dinner Hour

(May 21, 2009) Susan says…

I have a crush.

Last night, flavors, colors and textures joined hands to create a symphony on our plates at South Hills Market & Café under the masterful direction of Chef Richard Arbaugh.  Let me take you through the concert, one number at a time.

First, the atmosphere: white linen tablecloths, white linen napkins, white plates in artful shapes. Simple table décor of a candle and small potted plant, making for easy conversation around the table.  An intimate, quiet dining room with plush seats to keep you comfortable for the time we lingered.

Next, the menus: a single rectangle of cardstock announces the dishes available that evening. Another details the wine list and a smaller square shows the beers.  The menu is separated into three categories: cold appetizer, hot appetizer, and entrée – about a dozen different creations in all.  The Café is currently offering a prix fixe menu, meaning you can choose three courses for $35 per person, or four courses for $45.

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Arby’s Chicken Fajita Flatbread Melt

Susan says…

Shopping really takes a lot out of a girl when she’s good at it, like me.  Last weekend, I was working my way through the Kanawha City Gabriel Brothers when my tummy started rumbling.  This was only my first stop – I had planned to go to Marshall’s and TJ Maxx before heading home.  I’d never make it.  I needed sustinence.

arbys flatbread melt

With few choices in the immediate vacinity, I quickly ran through them in my mind.  Chicken soft taco, not in the mood for that.   Pizza Hut? out of the question – that would blow my calories for the next two days.  Burger King?  The only thing I like there is the fries and those are negative healthy.   Then I remembered seeing a sign at Arby’s about the fajita flatbread melts.  Maybe that wouldn’t be too bad…

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