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A Take-Out Treasure – Sinbads

 Dan says…sinbag-outside

A reader suggested we give Sinbad’s a try after reading one of our middle eastern food reviews.  Sinbad’s Pizza is located in the 5000 block of MacCorkle Avenue in Kanawha City across the street from Foodland.  You might think that all they serve is pizza given the name, but they have a good selection of traditional middle eastern treats. Some of you will feel ripped off by this review, because none of the “Fork You Crew” ordered pizza on this visit.  So we have nothing to say about that…at least right now.

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Capitol Food Court Gets Dumped

Susan says…

According to an article in the Charleston Gazette, the Capitol Food Court will undergo a management change in the near future.

Guest Services no longer wants to continue operating the facility located in the basement of the main capitol building.  Even though they’re satisfied with the amount of business, the lack of another Guest Services location in the area makes management of the capitol facility more difficult.  Most of their locations are in the DC Metro area, barring Canaan Valley Resort in Tucker County.

The Department of Administration and Guest Services will be parting on friendly terms and Admin will be looking for another company to operate the food court.

News – Game Day Specials at Billy’s

Here’s the skinny on the specials during March Madness at Billy’s tonight and tomorrow:

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Howling at the Moon – The Great Wolf Lodge, Mason, OH

img_0539Dan says…

It is spring break time! A mini-vacay was on tap, because I have one child is in public school and the other in private school. (Yes, I love one more than the other. I kid. The youngest is in preschool) Kanawha County’s spring break was this week and the Catholic school doesn’t have break until Easter. So the Vegetarian Wife and I decided that a quickie would be fun (that’s what she said) or as we call it a mini-vacay. After hearing many recommendations for the Great Wolf Lodge, we packed the minivan up and pointed it West towards the 1/3 scale replica of the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island. A 3 and 1/2 hour drive through Ohio farm country brings you to the door of the Great Wolf Lodge, behind which you will find a mess of family fun. Continue reading

I’m Glad I Had A Coupon – Mr. Wilson’s


Susan says…

When we aren’t sure what we feel like eating for lunch, I sometimes whip out my book of discounts.  I still call it the Dine-A-Mate book even though the name is now “Entertainment ’09”  I call audiobooks “books on tape”.  I am old school like that.  My daughter, who greatly enjoys making fun of my oldness anytime I slip and say “book-on-tape”, was flabbergasted when I acquired an actual book on cassette tape via a winning eBay bid. 

But on to the task at hand: a review of lunch at Mr. Wilson’s.

It was mighty difficult for me to walk past Sitar on a lunch buffet day to enter the doors of Mr. Wilson’s.  I probably asked Misty several times: “are you sure you don’t want tikka masala???”

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Double Booth at Captain D’s

 Susan says…


I was surprised to see the commercial had come to life right here in my very own local Cap’n D’s restaurant.  I really wanted to sit there, but not if I had to pay double.  And they probably wouldn’t have let me use my coupon, either.

I have always liked Captain D’s.  I have fond memories of coming to this very location when I was a little girl with my “city” Grandparents.  One time I even left my purse and we had to call the restaurant and drive back from Clendenin to retrieve it.  How embarrassing for a middle schooler.

These days, I have noticed they have an average age similar to that of a Bob Evans. Maybe they run a good Senior discount, maybe they are the only demographic still courageous enough to eat quanities of fried food or maybe seniors just like those hushpuppies, but for whatever reason I am usually the youngest patron in the place.  Except when I am accompanied by Misty.

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