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Top Fish – Bonus Post: Buffalo Wild Wings

I am now completely convinced that the only reason to go to Buffalo Wild Wings is to meet friends to cheer on the Mountaineers.  We have done just that five times since the start of the Big East tournament, stretching into the NCAA tourney.  On one such occasion, I was too hungry to wait until after the game for a Taco Bell drive-thru meal so I took advantage of the opportunity to review yet another fish sandwich.

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Top Fish – Week Five: Captain D’s

Since Captain D’s is supposedly just as good as those high-priced seafood restaurants, Fork You needed to check out their fish sandwich.

Here’s how it scored:

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Top Fish – Week Four: Harding’s

Harding’s is a place we have accidentally neglected.  It’s close to work, has plenty of free parking and serves breakfast all day.  We finally made it there to review their Golden Fish Fillet Sandwich. 

The sandwich is made up of a piece of breaded fried fish, lettuce, tartar sauce, and cheese on a toasted hoagie roll with fries on the side for $6.99.  Let’s see how they scored:

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Top Fish – Bonus Post: Bluegrass Kitchen

We just couldn’t wait for week five to tell you about this great fried trout sandwich from Bluegrass Kitchen.  We completely lucked out this past Friday when our server described the specials, and included a fish sandwich.  She said it is being served each Friday during Lent. 

The scores, please:

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Top Fish – Week Three: Arby’s

The Fork You Crew had to check out the amazingly low priced Fish Sandwich combo at Arby’s as a part of our Top Fish research.  And it comes with curly fries – score!

Check out Arby’s scores on the Top Fish rubric:

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Top Fish – Bonus Post – Tidewater

Another day, another fish sandwich.  Oh, the sacrifices I make for this blog.  < sigh>

Overall, I really liked the taste of this fish, I just wish it had been amped up a little.  After all, Tidewater is a SEAFOOD restaurant.  I expected more.  Let’s check out their Scorecard:

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Top Fish – Week Two: Diehl’s

If this wasn’t a Top Fish post it would be titled “It’s All About the Pie”.  Diehl’s is an institution in Nitro,WV and deserves a full review at some point. For this post, I’ll try to keep my thoughts to their flounder fish sandwich.

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