A Beach Burger – Surf Bar

surf bar burger

Ron's burger, cooked just the way he likes it, $8.95

Susan says… Ron Says…

(Part of my reports from the Charleston SC / Folly Beach area)

Aptly named, this joint is a bar located near the surf just off Center Street in Folly Beach.  The menu offers about a half dozen items so don’t expect great variety.  The family unit wanted burgers.  We heard this was the place in Folly to obtain such a meal and it was within walking distance to our condo.  I gave into the suggestion, thinking this would be a budget-conscious meal, thus freeing up some dollars for our splurge later in the week at Hall’s Chophouse.  …. Ok first “we heard” is not really true, because I do not do research on places prior to when I go on vacation.  That is Susan’s job, well actually it’s not even her job, it’s her HOBBY, no not hobby, but more like her disorder as in OCD.  This is what she found.  Personally I think she did pretty good as I liked it.  Although, “budget conscious” wasn’t really in my mind I just figured I’m on vacation and I’m going to get jacked up wherever I go, why should the surf bar be any different.

We sat on the large patio at a comfortable table.  Lucky for me, a group of attractive firemen were dining near us.  This gave me an opportunity to school my daughters in the importance of public safety. ….  I have to mention this joke here because not two miles from here (ok I’m going off my one month memory so it could have been more than two miles), there was a small subdivision of condos and stuff and two of them had noticable fire damage.  Seeing that the Surf Bar is located pretty much right across the street from the fire station, and the fact that several firemen were indeed sitting in the Surf Bar having lunch or break… makes me go hmmmmmm????  Did I mention they were attractive firemen?

Everyone ordered a burger except me.  I decided on the grilled chicken sandwich for $7.95.  We were all looking forward to the homemade fries and Ron splurged on homemade onion rings as an appetizer for $4.95.  Of course my picky kids aren’t going to eat onions….eeeeeewwwww.  So that just meant more for the grown-ups.  Their loss. … yes the burgers were steep, as in $8.95 steep, but judging by one on the table it looked pretty good.   The onion rings I think were an impulse decision.   My fault.  Impulse decisions are one of Ron’s specialties.

surf bar rings

The onion rings were indeed homemade but I wasn’t crazy about the breading.  It had an okay flavor, but it was sparse and didn’t stick well to the onions.  The onions were too thickly sliced for the amount of breading.  In other, geekier words, the onion to breading ratio was all wrong.  I ate a couple of the thinnest ones and moved on. … Personally I liked the Onion Rings, but I should say, that onion rings are not one of my favorite items to order.  So I may not know what the hell I’m talking about.   I just wanted something different that’s why I ordered them.  They were OK to me.   I do think the ones we get at Sam’s Club and deep fry ourselves are better tasting.  I wished Susan had liked hers more, because I really didn’t want this many onion rings.   I do think it was a good value, as lord knows I have paid a lot more for a lot less.

My grilled chicken definitely had a grilled flavor.  It was a hearty piece of white meat chicken placed on an ample bun.  Portion size, flavor and value for the chicken sandwich were adequate.  Much to my dismay, however, the fries were not nearly as homemade as the rings.  Obviously frozen fries were on the plate instead of the fresh-cut taters the menu had promised. …..  My burger was damned good.  I highly recommend one of these burgers.  I now know why all the firemen are hanging out at the bar waiting for the town to burn down.   Good food.   Great Portion.   Susan is correct, the menu did say Fresh Cut.   We even quizzed the waitress about this glaring oversight, and she admitted to it. What’s one to do?  Suck It Up… write about it later.  The fries however were cooked pretty good.   I thought my meal was good, as in not as good as some but way better than most.

There is no kids’ menu so I paid the same amount for each of my children as we did for Ron.  Consequently, this was not an inexpensive meal as I had hoped it would be.  Yeah, yeah, I know – it’s called the Surf BAR, not the Surf DINER so why should they have a kids’ menu?  If they would just offer a smaller portioned burger at a reduced price, that would not only satisfy kids but also women watching their waistlines.  And it would not require them to have any additional inventory on hand.  They could also offer a grilled cheese sammie made from American cheese and hamburger buns already on hand. …  This is a big let down here, yes it is a “BAR”, but this is also a vacation friendly town, and there were other families with rugrats, so I’m sure it’s no surprise to the owners that children come here.  Plus there’s no “over twenty-one sign” on the door.    I mean how hard is it to prepare a smaller economical portion for the little ones?  I’ll let you restaurant know-it-alls clue me in on why that outlandish request is just too much to ask for.  Now could we have ordered one burger and split it between the two children?  Why yes this is physically possible.   However it is an unrealistic possibility as then we would have to argue over what toppings to get on the damned thing.  Susan and I just figure it’s easier to just pay and avoid the needless discussion.

surf bar chicken

The service was attentive enough given the small number of staff.  When we mentioned our disappointment over the fries and suggested they correct the menu, our server took a few bucks off our bill.  That was a very nice, unexpected gesture. …  this was nice

I couldn’t help but think about the delightful tacos that were just a short walk away while nibbling on that chicken sandwich.  I would have rather been at Taco Boy.  …  I can’t help but get sick everytime I hear about those so called delicious tacos just a few spots from where we ate this meal.    Oh Puh-lease!  Taco Boy rocked.  I did talk about it a lot, though. 

TWO FORKS for Surf bar.  I just don’t see this as a dining destination for anyone that’s looking for something other than a big mouth burger. …. THREE FORKS for the Surf Bar.  Personally, a “Big Mouth Burger” is a dining destination for me.   I like it when I have to hold it in one hand as that fluid combination of chemically injected beef juice, grease, mayonnaise, mustard, and tomato juices begin to run down my hand and then my arm as I’m trying to contain all this flavor over my plate and keep from dripping down the sides of my chin.  YES picture that, it’s a true dining destination.. that will not happen at Taco Boy!  Your taco will simply slide out the back.    At the end of the day though, the Surf Bar has a lot of potential, but it’s missing something for me to give it that fourth fork.   Good Service and decent food.  If you want a good burger, try it out as I would go back but I wouldn’t lose sleep if we don’t stop in the next time we’re in Folly.

 Surf Bar
103 West Cooper Avenue
Folly Beach, SC 

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3 responses to “A Beach Burger – Surf Bar

  1. I like this black and blue thing. Makes the review look like a food fight.

    Also LOVE this: “I like it when I have to hold it in one hand as that fluid combination of chemically injected beef juice, grease, mayonnaise, mustard, and tomato juices begin to run down my hand and then my arm as I’m trying to contain all this flavor over my plate and keep from dripping down the sides of my chin.”

    There’s hope…

  2. What a Sh@$ Hole. they should pay me for going there. Hey its 95 deg and 85% humidity. get some freaking air conditioning. and some people who want to wait on tables. then again if i where running around trying to srve tables there i would be in s sh@#ty mood too.

  3. They call that food??

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