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Greenlee Gourmet Popcorn


Susan says…

Just after ordering my noodle bowl at Pho Vihn Long, I walked across D Street to take a look at the popcorn being popped, coated, bagged, and sold at Greenlee Gourmet popcorn.

Ron asked me to bring him back a popcorn ball, but there were none.  The caramel corn must be pretty popular becasue only one bag remained in the glass front case and they were processing a fresh batch behind the counter as I perused the other choices.  Lots of other choices:  (click on the photo for a larger version)

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A New Home For An Old Favorite – China Buffet


Susan says…

Today the Fork You crew enjoyed lunch at our old favorite, China Buffet.  But today we ate lunch in their new diggs: the revamped and remodeled shops at the former Kanawha Mall.

The old location is being torn down and the restaurant was closed four days this week while they moved all the furniture and equipment from the old space to the new.

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Much More Than a Bowl of Noodles – Pho Vihn Long


Susan says…

Picking up the final jar of sprinkles required for the edible craft project I would be making with Misty that evening gave me the perfect excuse to be on D Street at lunch time.  It didn’t even take much arm-twisting to get Ron to agree to try Pho Vihn Long.  Maybe he thought I would pick up the tab since it was my idea. 

When you first enter the clean, small dining room, scents of spices and incense tease your nose, offereing hints of what’s to come.

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Happy First Birthday – Celebrate With Us!


Update -(4/17/2009)  Billy’s is extending a 25% discount to all Fork You Meet-up guests!

Fork You is about to turn one year old and we want you to join us for a Meet-Up to mark the occasion.

The nice folks at Billy’s are willing to host us on Tuesday, April 21 beginning at 6:00 pm and lasting ’til Ron runs out of $1’s.  He’s been saving up, so we may be there a while.

Whether you are a restaurant owner, management, waitstaff, a reader or someone who happened to click on this site by mistake today, we’d love to meet you.  So set a reminder on your Google Calendar for Tuesday.

Meet Up at Billy’s Soho’s @ Southridge
6:00 pm on April 21, 2009

Sopaipilla and a Smile – La Roca

Dan says…2009-fork-you-004a

If you live in the Cross Lanes/Nitro area or frequent Cross Vegas (Tri-State Racing and Gaming Center) then you have probably been to one of the restaurants that have inhabited the building at 30 Nitro Market Place.  It started its life as a Char House, then it became a BMW’s (barbeque, mexican and wings), and now it is La Roca. I never had the pleasure of eating at the Char House (thank you Baby Jesus), but I did eat at BMW’s once.  In my opinion, when you can’t decide what kind of restaurant you want to be you’re doomed to fail. Continue reading

What? We Don’t Get a Free Biscuit??? – Tudor’s


Ron Says…

With all the rah rah going on with the Calorie Bill and Oshel Prego Craigo pulling one of his stunts and using WV PoliticsThe Good-Ol-Boy Network” to get it done,  Fork You decided to venture to one of the man’s fine establishments. So we decided on none other than the Tudor’s Biscuit World in Kanawha City upon Dan’s advice as if I recall he said it was the best.

Personally (that implies that what follows will be my OPINION) I thought it was pretty run down so if this is the best Oshel has to defend, well then it probably would bankrupt this joint to pay to put calories on the menu.

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Almost Too Cute to Eat – Easter Cake Pops


Susan says…

After staring wistfully at the Bakerella website and her fabulous cake pops, Misty & I finally got the nerve up to try to make them ourselves.

The occasion would be Easter.  Partly because we couldn’t take it anymore and partly because the sheep, bunnies and chicks were so adorable it almost pained us to look at them.   Misty would be attending a family dinner and I had a small affair with Ron, my girls and my parents on the horizon.  We would make 100 cake pops! 

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