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Varied Menu With Greek Nuance – Ye Olde Alpha

alpha outside

Daniel says…

On a recent trip to Wheeling, WV three members of the five were looking for a couple of good places to eat.  So being pretty proficient with the web we consulted Yelp and Urban Spoon. You have to wonder about the accuracy these social network restaurant review sites. You would hope that the cream would rise to the top, but I suspect that some restaurants and their fans know how to game the system. I checked out Yelp! and at the top of the list was the Ye Olde Alpha Club with 4.5 stars, but only 4 reviews. Apparently Wheeling is not Yelping.  Next I wanted to see where Urban Spoon would have us dine.  Again in the number one position was the Alpha Club with 119 votes and an 88% approval rating. So it was decided.

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Day 1 – Guten Appetit, Lufthansa Flight 419

Dan says…

Dinner at 37000 feet. You should know that this review might be written by Misty, Phil, Tracey and maybe by Ron, but it will never be written by Susan. She doesn’t like flying. Period. There are a few things she would like about Lufftansa, more on that in a moment.

Food on domestic flight with a coach ticket is long gone. Sure you can fork over eight bucks for a cold sandwich or salad, but it’s a good chance that they’ll be out of the southwest chicken salad by the time they get back to the unwashed masses behind the wing. It is a whole another story on an international flight. Continue reading

And the Country Bobs Winner Is….


has won from our most recent contest

This is Hope’s second time winning a bottle of Country Bobs.. There was a little less competition this time around for her.. But needless to say she participated and we shall Deliver!!!

Now’s a good time to mention that we I will probably not be able to “Deliver” on time and as promised.  You see,  I (Ron) forgot your bottle of Country Bob’s All Purpose Steak Sauce at the house this morning, and will not get it in the mail today.  But will get that out soon.

Ok… so now that I’ve mentione that.. here’s a News Nugget from MSNBC about the myths about Thanksgiving Day Food.  Check it out.


@UrBaconMeCrazy Contest – go check it out.

Ron Says ~

Ok, I’ve been asked to post this.   It concerns a Wendy’s promotion, and because Fork You was fortunate enough to receive some gift cards to try out their new Bacon Deluxe Burger.  I thought I would spread the love…  (yes… if you’re a chainfood snob, you are still allowed to participate)


For a chance to win $2000, go on Twitter and follow @UrBaconMeCrazy… the contest ends Friday ( 11.20.09  ) at some point.  You can also win one of two daily gift card give-a-ways.

Now, that being said, as I mentioned over I have been dragging my heels as I promised to review that Bacon Deluxe Burger and I haven’t done so.  I will very soon.   I want to give them credit as they were warned about my last burger review… remember the Mildly Upset Whopper?  Yet they still climbed in the ring..  So I’ll try to get that up next week sometime.

Also, to win another bottle of Country Bob’s look below or just click here as that contest ends on Friday I think!!  You people are lazy.

This Grinder Ground My Lunch to a Halt – Bellacino’s


Italian Grinder - what's left of it anyway

Susan says…

Who doesn’t like pizza?  And who goes through a week without eating a sandwich of some sort?  Pizza and sandwiches are everyday foods and wildly popular.   You can get either one at Bellacino’s

This chain is relatively new to our area, but two of the four area locations have already closed as reported in Ron’s post yesterday.   The first Bellacino’s Pizza and Grinders opened in 1998 and all 85+ franchised locations are locally-owned and operated.  Making their way westward, most are on the east coast but have stretched as far as Texas so far.  The term “grinder” was applied to shipyard workers on the east coast during WWII and eventually labelled the super-sized sandwiches they enjoyed for lunch served up by Italian immigrants.

Recently, we have made two visits to Bellacino’s so I can talk about both in this review.  Wishing to end on a high note, I’ll start with the ill-fated sandwich.

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Early Morning Quicky – Pizza Closings!!!


The Charleston Daily Mail’s very own George Hohmann is reporting that two Bellacino’s pizza joints are closing.


The paper article tells us the official story, now all you fabulous commentors feel free to tell us all the rumors, propaganda,  unfactual reasoning, and inuendo for the unfortunate demise of these two fine places.


Country Bob’s and Tom Turkey

Ron Says….

RLS_091001_002_Halloween-FYouOk, It’s been a while since we’ve given a bottle of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce away…   (Editor’s Note:  Right out of the gate, Ron looks like an idiot.  Usually it’s two or three sentences before that happens.  Obviously he never reads this blog, since we just gave a bottle away on the Trick or Treat post.)

That being said, due to new FTC guidelines, I have to say we were given this box of sauce by Bob himself.  (ok it was actually one of his representatives I’m sure, but for the sake of telling a story that’s just not too damned interesting is it?)  (Again with the reading problem – it DID come from Bob himself.)

So since we last did this, I’ve been dumping this stuff on everything that deserves sauce.  Hamburgers, eggs, (ok, I didn’t really like it on my eggs), Turkey Sandwiches, Ham Sandwiches, etc etc…  It’s just good stuff, and it’s really great on Burgers.  It’s a staple of the Tailgating tub.

We’ve given a few bottles to friends and family… they love it.  (Liar, liar, pants on fire.  He didn’t give any of it to family.  He is keeping it all for himself.  I am surprised he’s willing to part with a bottle for this post.)

sexpistolswhokilled bambiAll that being said, well I’m looking forward to splashing some on some fresh long legged rats venison.  (yes isn’t that a cool Sex Pistol’s pic??)

I digress… stay on topic … Susan keeps yelling at me.  (I’ve told him to quit using all those periods when he writes, too and he’s still doing that.  I am not very hopeful that he’ll stay on topic.)

WELL Gun season is just around the corner, so I should be able to try it then too.   Yes I shoot helpless animals.   Hell I even shoot the eggs.  (What does that even mean?  Shooting eggs?  Deer don’t lay eggs.)

But that’s not all… it’s also just in time to splash some on old Tom Turkey.  Thus  Fork You is here to save your Thanksgiving and thus will give another bottle away.

So to get your bottle of Country Bob’s we’ll select some random commentor who tells us what their Thanksgiving Dinner is like…  But let’s not just stop there… tell us about your Thanksgiving horror story…. you know, when aunt Gertrude brought her internet date to the family dinner – stuff like that.

Contest ends Friday November 20th, at Noon.  (I can’t believe I have to add this last part, but the way some of you viewers take things so serious, well it’s noon EASTERN TIME)  (Awwww…look how sensitive Ron has become.  Ain’t that sweet?)

That should give all of us here at the Fork You mansion time to get off our collective butts and announce the winner and mail your bottle out in time to splash all over your bird or buck!