The Reviewers

Susan is a lover of all food. Well except, mayonnaise, eggs, soup, cabbage, country food (think bob evan’s, shoney’s, cracker barrel) veggie burgers, hummus, lamb, game meats, and sandwiches with a lot of stuff on them. No really she likes food and has some strong opinions about it. Susan really likes to find exceptional restaurant menu items and recreate them in her home kitchen.


Dan is the only person on the planet that talks about food more than Susan does. Not only does he talk a lot about food, but he knows a lot of food facts. He knows what the ingredients are, where to obtain them, how else they could be used, what you should order, how to eat what you ordered, and what the restaurant did wrong with your selection. Dan will try anything once – after all, this meal is just one of eighty-seven thousand six hundred meals in your lifetime. You’ll get a chance to eat something better next time.


Misty likes food, but is not as food fearless as the rest of the bunch. Simply stated she thinks milk is too spicy. She is the most talented celery surgeon I have ever seen. She loves asparagus, especially if it is inside a grilled cheese sandwich. You can guarantee that the highest rated item in one of her reviews is the last thing she tasted!


Phil is the analytical one of the group – he can determine how many bites are in a Kit Kat based upon the thickness of your upper teeth. Phil is also a bit of a food hypochondriac. He once thought sweet & sour soup gave him headaches which is a shame since he’s Chinese. When Phil packs his lunch (which isn’t very often since we post a review every day and sometimes twice a day), he brings multiple desserts because he never gains weight so “diet” is not in his vocabulary. If you serve something with fruit in it, you get extra points from Phil, the Fruit Fanatic.


Ashley  is the newcomer to Fork You.  She was a blog stalker until she got up the nerve to post her first comment about one of the reviews.  Since then she’s become a regular poster and is now a Forker.  Ashley likes all types of foods and will try most things, unless they are super-icky.  Ashley loves to eat out, hates chain restaurants and buffets, and is always looking for new places to try.  If her TV only had one channel and it was the Food Network, she’d be happy.




From time to time, The Five invite other fortunate individuals to dine with them. These individuals may, on occasion, write a review that will be included on this blog. We will do our best to give them each a proper introduction at that time.

Ron is all about value when it comes to food. You better be giving him a good portion for that obscene price.  And he doesn’t mince words when it comes to his opinion.

Tracey is “The Vegetarian Wife”! She enjoys Italian and Mexican food. Just not at the same time. She loves to bake with her two small children. She also has a standing order for Dan’s Chocolate Chip Pancakes every Saturday. She feels this blog is in need of a editor, because she is finding grammatical errors on a regular basis. Dan explains that it is just his writing style. Tracey will be bringing her veggie views to these pages whether we need them or not!


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