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High Hopes…Big Letdown – Bridge Road Bistro

Bridge Road Bistro – Bridge Road Shops, Charleston, WV

Susan says…

I’ll admit it.  I get excited about going to “fancy” places.  I don’t mind spending the money because I enjoy food so much.  When I go on vacation, I spend time researching area restaurants before I even hit the road.  The highlight of my trip to Charleston, SC last summer was a meal at Hank’s.  I made a big deal of going there and getting dressed up, and taking pictures…  So I tend to develop expectations when a place is talked up and I am looking forward to dining there.

Such is the case with Bridge Road Bistro.  People have hyped it.  It’s supposed to be awesome.  The little taste I got at cocktail hour a couple weeks ago told me there was good food, but I wouldn’t get much and it would cost a pretty penny.  Sort of like that credit card commercial where the young couple finally gets a reservation at a nice restaurant but when they get their food it is microscopic so they have to hit the Go-Mart afterward to buy a bunch of junk food.   But if that microscopic food is really delicious, I might be okay with it.

You may be predicting, based on the headline, that I was not okay with the BRB.

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No Catchy Title Please – Totre’s Pub and Grub

NOTE: This restaurant is closed.

Totre’s Pub and Grub – Teays Valley, WV

Ron says….

“Totre’s” – what the hell is that??  Is it Italian?  Spanish?  or is it something from a J.R.R. Tolkien novel?   I dont’ know.

I’ve seen this place from time to time, the unoriginal building, think “BOX” with the blacked out windows.  Well I just thought this was Teays Valley’s strip bar, or some gray poker machine joint.  You know the ones that have popped up everywhere since Bob Wise allowed that scourge into the state.   Nevertheless that’s a rant for a different blog.

But really, I wouldn’t know what this place is.  You can’t read the sign from the interstate.  So who knew? Continue reading

Ribfest Ripoff – 10th Annual Charleston Ribfest

10th Annual Charleston Ribfest – Charleston, WV

Dan says…

I decided early in the week that I would attend Ribfest sans the Vegetarian Wife on Friday evening.  Ribfest is in a new location between Kanawha Blvd and Virginia Street next to the Shoney’s. I like this location better than Laidley Field except for parking.  I searched for a free parking space for several minutes before ending up at a “reserved” spot in the Municipal Auditorium Parking Lot. I wonder why CASCI doesn’t open their parking after hours for paid event parking. Continue reading

A Fairytale Meal – Stillwaters

Stillwaters Restaurant – Stonewall Jackson Resort, Roanoke, WV

Susan says….

Once upon a time, there was a State Park in wild, wonderful West Virginia.  This State Park was special because it was disguised as a classy, comfortable, well-appointed hotel with a spa and a “fancy” restaurant.  The restaurant wasn’t pretend-fancy….no, this one was actually white-linen, don’t-put-your-elbows-on-the table fancy.  This was Stonewall Resort State Park in Roanoke.

Unlike some other state park that claims to be a “resort” (without naming any names, it starts with “Ca” and ends with “naan”) I truly feel pampered here.  People say they have a wonderful golf course and there is a restaurant on the hill geared toward the crazy people who will chase that little white ball around all day.    A bar is located downstairs in the lodge where you can enjoy sandwiches, a beer, and shoot a game of pool.  I look forward to work events at Stonewall so I can eat in the main restaurant, Stillwaters.

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ReStoring the Community – Underground Kitchen

Underground Kitchen – Charleston, WV

Dan says…

I have said to several people that the internet has made the world a smaller place, but at the expense of our own communities. People are more likely to have a friend in a different state or country, but don’t even know their neighbors. Every Tuesday I Skype with friends from FL, CT, IN, AR, DC and Australia. When were setting up the Fork You blog a couple months ago, I added links to several food related sites. One of those sites was Kitchen Geeking. It was an interesting, local, food related blog. I subscribed to the feed and one day this thing called Underground Kitchen popped up in my Google Reader. It was a little like Dinner: Impossible, but for the guests. Initially I thought it was a group of trendy East Enders and getting an invitation would be as easy as getting your beverage order taken at the Power Alley Grill so I put it out of my mind. Then a website popped up, followed by a blog and then chatter on the Twitter. Continue reading

Apology Letter From Canaan – Is It Too Little, Too Late?

Susan says….

Rarely am I incensed enough to write a letter of complaint or even fill out a customer comment card.   Would it do any good anyway, or just waste my time?  During my latest visit to Canaan Valley “Resort”, I was so disappointed and upset with my experience that I did fill out the comment card given to me by the unfortunate counter staff forced to deal with all the angry customers.  See my review here.  I also included a note to check out my thoughts here on Fork You.  Several searches were made to access our site with “fork you canaan”, so we’re pretty sure they read the review.

Just this week, I received a letter from the General Manager (click to enlarge):

Letter from Canaan

Letter from Canaan

I think the letter was well-deserved and a classy move on the part of Canaan’s management.  It’s not easy to admit you are wrong, especially for a man.  However, If I am not forced to eat on the premises of this lackluster State Park in the future, I will choose one of the many finer choices in the surrounding area.  See our reviews on Sirianni’s, Muttley’s, and The Purple Fiddle, for a few recommendations.

Hopefully the comments made in this modern-day forum will help the management make positive changes to improve the service, preparedness and quality of the meals at their establishment in both Pazzo’s Pizza and the main dining room.  Please note: I have never had a problem with the bar there, so drink up if you go to Canaan.

Thanks, Canaan.  But for this foodie, I think it’s too little, too late.

Pizza in the Valley – Graziano’s Pizza Teays Valley

Ron Says…

Almost every time I frequent this little pizza parlor in Teays Valley, I am reminded of the Seinfield epsiode about the “Soup Nazi”. I know that reference get’s tossed around with reckless abandon, but I’m tossing it out there again.

We (me n’ Susan) eat here often even on her low carb diet, and I bet we average here at least once a month.  Myself probably more because almost every chance I get while working in the area, I’ll toss this place out as a candidate for lunch – the buffet is great.

The dinner times always seem to be an adventure… the lunch times are very satisfying and I come away wishing the dinner experience was the same.  I would say it is like Jekyll and Hyde, but Dan’s already used that analogy, so I’ll simply say “Night ‘n Day”.

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