You Have Been Forked…

Have you seen this calling card?

You Have Been Forked

The Five say…

If you are reading this card, one or more of the Fork You Contributors has dined at your establishment. Our mission is to rate local and not so local restaurants with our Five Fork scale, Five being the best and the level to which all restaurateurs aspire.

Our reviews will let those who “Google” your business know about food quality, efficient service, menu variety, atmosphere, the price of your sodas, and anything else we feel like writing about.

Your review will be posted within a couple of days of our visit so we may fully digest our culinary experience.

5 responses to “You Have Been Forked…

  1. Hey Guys, Sorry we missed your review of your “after hours” dining at the Inn…can you tell us how to find it? thanks!

  2. Hi Tim & Melody~ you did not miss it…it is scheduled to post Monday morning. I couldn’t really do an actual review…too much wine on the lake that day! But the food was delicious in a beautiful setting. You have a great place there and I can’t wait to come back again! Thanks again for allowing us to order after hours. -Susan

  3. i work at gumbos in fayetteville,wv, and got a card -where is my review?

  4. hey i am a server at Lux Bar in chicago and i recieved your card in my check presenter i was just wondering how you liked it because i couldnt find your review!

  5. I found your card!!! I’m the Assistant Manager for Billy’s in Southridge. I cant wait to read your thoughts……do you have an idea when you will unvail your findings??? Thanks for comming in!!

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