Drive your ’57 Chevy to Mayberry’s

 In Through The Outdoor



 Susan says…

From the black & white checkered floor to the 58 pieces of Coca Cola memorabilia to the reruns of The Andy Griffith Show playing on the television, this place screams hot dogs and milkshakes.

This is your standard hot dog/onion ring/milkshake diner type of place.  All the usual suspects show up on the menu.  Some of the ice cream options looked really yummy – they even have an Elvis shake made with peanut butter and bananas.  I thought that was cute.

While I was waiting on my food, I looked over the kid’s meal choices.  For $3.25 you can choose among chicken strips, popcorn shrimp, mac & cheese wedges (I am guessing these chunks are breaded and deep-fried), grilled cheese and PB&J.  This place would rank pretty high with my little girls.  I think I’ll bring them here and let them do their own reviews one day.

I ordered a fish sandwich and onion rings for $5.25 and $1.89, respectively.  The fish was fairly large with a bread crumb style breading that was good and crispy.  It was placed on a toasted sesame seed bun.  With the small order of onion rings, I guess you get 6 rings.  I felt a little ripped off on that.  But rarely do you order rings and feel like you got a decent portion.   They were beer-battered and crispy.  I really liked the flavor.  They were eerily similar to the Farm Rich frozen onion rings we buy at Sam’s for tailgating.  Seriously, though – do you think Mayberry’s makes any of the fried dishes from scratch???  I would really doubt that.  They met the expectations I had for their type of restaurant.

The Cokes are ridiculously overpriced at $1.99.  I guess I won’t be getting any more sodas there.  You’d think with all the advertising they are doing for Coke (it is the main decorating theme on the walls) the Coke man would give them a break on the price and they could pass that savings onto their customers. 

If you are in the Teays Valley area and you’re in the mood for fries and a shake, check this place out.  You could even get it to go, and mosey across the road to the Hurricane City Park.  Or pick up a great bottle of wine from Mid-Valley Mart, right next door.  I wonder if it would be white or red to go with a hot dog?  I think I’ll pose that question to Stanton from the WV Hot Dog Blog.  Mayberry’s is clean and bright with decent food.  THREE FORKS.

Ron says…

I really do not understand…  I think Susan’s post was simply an act of Charity..   For Example some quotes from above…

This is your standard hot dog/onion ring/milkshake diner type of place.

I felt a little ripped off on that

do you think Mayberry’s makes any of the fried dishes from scratch???

The Cokes are ridiculously overpriced at $1.99

So if those were the talking points of the pre “Summer Blockbuster” meal, you’d think it stunk.  So my question to you is simply, HOW does it get three forks?  This place was McDonalds plus an additional two bucks for the meal.  (the summer blockbuster is mentioned because when we arrived we had about an hour before The Dark Knight started)

Mayberry’s at a maximum should only get Two Forks.   I want susan to justify that extra fork.

The only good thing I can say about it is that, well – It’s Cute.  The building Decor that is, heck the employees didn’t even wear the white hats, aprons, etc that I come to expect from a REAL diner…… 

I had a steak hoagie, the only thing bad about it was the size… I could fit almost four sugar packets lengthwise.  (evidently size does not matter!).   But it tasted good.   Now the Large fries for $2.05… 

First how the hell does one justify 0.05?   I mean is Mayberry’s actually going to go broke over five cents?  I should have counted the fries, I’m guessing by the pic (which was too blurry to post), there was maybe 25 of them in the large…  Ok I’ll be generous and say 30.. that’s what… let’s see,  $2.05 / 30 = $0.0683 per french fry.  If you shop at SAMs and buy frozen fries, well you can figure out the mark up here.  

 But I’ll be nice… So what else could this price be for?..I’m pretty certain the extra five cents wasn’t to make my bill round out nice and even, after taxes, or if it included the tax… as taxes were added afterwards and the only rounding up to be done was by me to tip my waitress.   So it wasn’t gratuity either.  Speaking of which – My tip should have been if storm clouds are overhead, roll your car windows up, as during our meal it started raining and she was out the door pretty fast.  That was the fastest she moved throughout our stay.

So for over eight bucks I had what Totre’s served me for six.  How the heck is that three forks? 

NO JUKEBOX – now how can one claim to be a diner and have this decor without a jukebox or at least an imitation one?

Yes Mayberry’s is nice and neat and the kids may think it’s fun…. but at the end of the day you’ll find yourself subsidizing mediocrity.   For example:  Johnny Rockets – their people come out and sing and dance…  If it wasn’t for the rain I would have seen no hurried movement from the two employees.   I mean yes it’s nice and cute, and as they say: “Good Intentions Pave The Way To Hell”….   

I just don’t get it.. Three Forks, but yet if it wasn’t for the kids, I can guarantee you that Susan will not want to eat there again.   Even if the kids wanted to, it would be easy to say “Cheese Dip”, and they will want Mexican instead.  Their nearest competitor is ……………  ummm I want to say DQ,  but they have a lot more ice cream….  I don’t know…  

It just doesn’t stand out.  It doesn’t blow my skirt…..  I’d rather go to Wendy’s & get me a burger and a Frosty.

The only accurate analysis in Susan’s post is about going over to the Mid Valley Mart and checking out their wine selection.  It practicly rivals that of the Farmers Market.  Little expensive but a great selection.  Heck if you go to the park you’ll probably see dead fish floating in the dried out resevoir or at a minimum step in a few piles of goose crap.

I’m giving Mayberry’s ONE FORK, basically because they claim to be a diner, and there were no jukeboxes, nor did the staff have the white uniforms aprons, or hats.


3554 Teays Valley Road
Hurricane, WV  25526
Mayberrys on Urbanspoon

8 responses to “Drive your ’57 Chevy to Mayberry’s

  1. I should say, Susan was upset with my post on Mayberry’s she thought I was too harsh… I was going to revise it, but last night, well I reread it, and well.. yep I think it’s dead on. FOR ME.

    But I reread it just now.. and well yeah, I still feel the same.. there’s no bang for your buck, it’s your buck for their bang.

    I simply do not get somepeoples facination with this place. But they’ve been there awhile, so they must be doing something right for someone…

    what do I know?

  2. Ron asked me to “justify that extra fork”:

    But first, I need to clarify that I did not think he was being too harsh on the RESTAURANT – I thought he spent way too much of his review slamming me for my opinion. I don’t think he should change a thing that he said about Mayberry’s, as it is his opinion…and different people writing from different points of view is what makes this blog better than others that rhyme with “jazz”.

    About my forks:

    Ron is right that I probably won’t visit Mayberry’s with any frequency, but that’s not because I didn’t like their food – it is solely because of my diet. My crazy self-imposed dietary restrictions should not come into play when evaluating a restaurant. If I wasn’t on a diet, I would go there – Ron doesn’t know how many times I ate at the Cross Lanes DQ before my metabolism went in the toilet.

    He also compared it to Totre’s. When I consider the same comparison, I would rank Mayberry’s higher – it was cleaner, there were more menu options, it was not smoky, we got better service and the fish sandwich was better. I gave both a three. If I had to differentiate between them more, I would degrade Totre’s to a two. I think Ron enjoyed Totre’s more beacuse they sell beer there.

    I still believe Mayberry’s is a three-forker. If a reader is looking for a burger/shake/ring place, they can visit Mayberry’s and receive a good meal, especially with children in tow.

  3. The Mayberry’s in St. Albans is very good – we used to go at least once a week (the Evil Twin used to work flex hours – 4 ten hour days and we’d go on Friday for lunch). The food is always consistently good and the wait staff is very attentive.

    Go back and just have the deep fried cheesecake (Xango/Chango) and you’ll be giving out the extra forks on that alone! Yum!

  4. I’ve only been to the one in St. Albans and only once for food. The ice cream is good, but the day we ate there there were 3 or 4 adults and 3 children and no one was completely happy with their food. Unfortunately, I can’t remember why exactly. Maybe they were having an off day.

  5. Mayberry’s is a good place to go for a quick lunch. Decent food, nice folks, reasonable people. It’s NOT McDonalds or any other fast food joint by a long shot.
    There aren’t enough independent restaurants around where you can get a decent burger and fries. Bashing the few that exist is not a good thing for a foodie to do.

  6. Thank you Mr. Hillbilly for assisting me in justifying my extra fork!

    Yeah, Ron….what he said!

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  8. Sproston Green

    I’ve been to the SA location and I came out with a positive experience. The food is a little expensive and not out-of-this-world but the desserts are great in a 1950’s kind of way. The whole golden age of America atmosphere made me wax sentimentally for an era that I never even lived in. It’s a good change of pace and the place was packed on a Friday night. I say go there for desserts if nothing else. I would take them over a chain 4 out 5 times. There’s something about Elvis, Marilyn, James Dean and ice cream.

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