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Thai Lanna

Susan says…

Our second visit to Thai Lanna was as satisfying as the first.  Ron has a friend living in the Mooresville/Lake Norman area of North Carolina and we have overnighted here many times.  He suggested Thai Lanna on a previous trip after learning that we like Thai food.  Driving around exit 36 off I-77, we spotted this gem of a strip mall tenant and knew our decision was made.

thai lanna inside

The interior is nicely adorned with Thai-themed statues, florals, artwork and music.  White linen tablecloths cover all the tables and red linen napkins are artfuly folded at each place setting.

The menu has something for everyone.  Well, unless you don’t like Thai food.  And if you don’t, you probably would have steered clear of a place with “Thai” in the name.  And you’d be a fool – Thai food rocks.  The creaminess of the curries, the tender, thinly sliced meats, the HEAT!  Yowza, it’s good.

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If Only You Could “Tie One On” at the – Thai House

Susan says…thai-house-curry-dish

When Thai House moved into a Winfield location, I was excited to add another restaurant to our rotation in anemic Teays Valley.  You’d think with all the dual-incomes, single incomes that don’t need a dual to help out, and those trying to keep up with the Jones’, there would be a lot more to choose from in this suburb of both Charleston and Huntington.  Not so in reality, though. 

It took me a while to get to the Thai House, mostly because I wanted to coordinate a group dinner with Misty.  When you have 4 children and 4 jobs between the two couples, synchronization can be a bit tricky.  We did meet there once, only to discover management suffered an unfortunate kitchen mishap and there would be no dinner service that evening.

We enjoyed one meal at the former location in Dunbar, noting tasty food, interesting service, and a small dining room packed with customers.  (Ron will tell you why I used “interesting”.)

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Ron’s Taste Of Asia ~ On the CHEAP

Taste Of Asia ~ I hate to say it, but it is one of the better Asian restaraunts around these parts.  The best, I don’t know, but I’m sure to some people it is.  Their food is good… I could even say DAMN GOOD.

But I won’t.

Taste Of Asia to me, instead is a place to get great Asian food for the current exchange rate of the U$ Dollar.

When you’re as pessimistic as me, it’s easy to be negative.  But when Main Kwong’s can give you the same amount of food for $4.85 – one has to wonder.

But Taste Of Asia does offer: Chinese – yummy, Sushi – awesome, and Thai – (insert expletive here)

(The link is for the South Charleston location but the menus are the same at the Teays Valley location.)

All On ONE menu.  NOW they even have a Japanese Steakhouse in Teays Valley.  Yes!!!  You can pay to have someone throw food at you while you try to catch it in your mouth.   Usually while surrounded by people you do not even know.  Obviously doing stuff that you would not try at home, or if your kids tried it at home, you would beat the tar out of them.   Don’t lie to yourself – when was the last time you congratulated them on throwing food??  Yet you will pay good money to have the Japanese chef throw a shrimp at you?  Why Is That??  (note to self:  future Fork You post – “Why do I pay to have this Asian guy throw food at me?” )

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