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Sushi is Twitterific – Kaifu Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar

Kaifu Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar – Downtown, Charleston, WV

Dan says…

There was a time when I think you could call sushi trendy, but when Charleston has two dedicated sushi bars, three restaurants that serve good sushi (Taste of Asia, Hibachi, Ichiban), several chinese buffets and Kroger offering sushi, I think it is safe to say that sushi is mainstream.  What is not mainstream is the social network that we used to obtain our dining partners for our sushi lunch, Twitter@oncee and @blairly, along with several others suggested that we hit Kaifu for sushi the first chance we got. So emails and Tweets where exchanged, and a date was set.

Three of the Five arrived at 12:30 to find a packed dining room.  This place is small and is the definition of a “Hole in the Wall”.  The very cozy dining room holds about 30 people.  The sushi chef toils away in the back corner making little raw fish treasures.  This place is quaint and it makes me think this is what a sushi bar in downtown Tokyo would look like.  There are all kinds of people dining today from the $1000 suit lawyer to the 9 year old boy eating with his dad.  This place feels almost hip.

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Ron’s Taste Of Asia ~ On the CHEAP

Taste Of Asia ~ I hate to say it, but it is one of the better Asian restaraunts around these parts.  The best, I don’t know, but I’m sure to some people it is.  Their food is good… I could even say DAMN GOOD.

But I won’t.

Taste Of Asia to me, instead is a place to get great Asian food for the current exchange rate of the U$ Dollar.

When you’re as pessimistic as me, it’s easy to be negative.  But when Main Kwong’s can give you the same amount of food for $4.85 – one has to wonder.

But Taste Of Asia does offer: Chinese – yummy, Sushi – awesome, and Thai – (insert expletive here)

(The link is for the South Charleston location but the menus are the same at the Teays Valley location.)

All On ONE menu.  NOW they even have a Japanese Steakhouse in Teays Valley.  Yes!!!  You can pay to have someone throw food at you while you try to catch it in your mouth.   Usually while surrounded by people you do not even know.  Obviously doing stuff that you would not try at home, or if your kids tried it at home, you would beat the tar out of them.   Don’t lie to yourself – when was the last time you congratulated them on throwing food??  Yet you will pay good money to have the Japanese chef throw a shrimp at you?  Why Is That??  (note to self:  future Fork You post – “Why do I pay to have this Asian guy throw food at me?” )

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