Ron’s Taste Of Asia ~ On the CHEAP

Taste Of Asia ~ I hate to say it, but it is one of the better Asian restaraunts around these parts.  The best, I don’t know, but I’m sure to some people it is.  Their food is good… I could even say DAMN GOOD.

But I won’t.

Taste Of Asia to me, instead is a place to get great Asian food for the current exchange rate of the U$ Dollar.

When you’re as pessimistic as me, it’s easy to be negative.  But when Main Kwong’s can give you the same amount of food for $4.85 – one has to wonder.

But Taste Of Asia does offer: Chinese – yummy, Sushi – awesome, and Thai – (insert expletive here)

(The link is for the South Charleston location but the menus are the same at the Teays Valley location.)

All On ONE menu.  NOW they even have a Japanese Steakhouse in Teays Valley.  Yes!!!  You can pay to have someone throw food at you while you try to catch it in your mouth.   Usually while surrounded by people you do not even know.  Obviously doing stuff that you would not try at home, or if your kids tried it at home, you would beat the tar out of them.   Don’t lie to yourself – when was the last time you congratulated them on throwing food??  Yet you will pay good money to have the Japanese chef throw a shrimp at you?  Why Is That??  (note to self:  future Fork You post – “Why do I pay to have this Asian guy throw food at me?” )

I’m writing this review for all of us that have significant others that love to frequent these places that have good and sometimes great food, but yet the food – to you – leaves something more to be desired and is a little on the steep side.  (or maybe you’re just not hungry for it at the moment) Like you my friend… I think this place (Taste Of Asia) has good food, but rarely is it for me.  There’s not an item on here I would not love to eat – it’s just that nine times out of ten, I’m just not hungry for some pork, or chicken, or noodle, dressed up in teriyaki or moo goo gai pan for a cost that may be over $10.  Just don’t want it this time.  I would rather have an overpriced rib, and some crunchy french fries, but my better half wants Asian.. when I want St. Louis Ribs…

So what do you do when you are forced into such a decision, or more specifically when you are forced to eat at Taste Of Asia in Teays Valley?  I have found the secret.

You Don\'t Want None of This Samuri!!!When you are not as hungry as your significant other, or when you are budget conscious and just want to impress your date by taking them to an establishment like this, or even when you just want some great tasting Asian food for not much $$.  Here’s what you do…

(this may apply to several other establishments of other cuisines but my studies can not confirm the actualities of those places)

Simple: just order off the Appetizer menu.  If you like Taste Of Asia, you know that there are 300 different items.  “Pu Pu Tray”, “Princess and the Dragon”, “Spicy Tuna Roll”, “Roll me over Roll”, etc.. hundreds of Japanese, Thai, and Chinese dishes, not counting the varioius Sushi, and such.  What’s a man to do?

On two different occasions now, I’ve done this…

ORDER EGG ROLLS!!!!!! TWO.  For a total of $2.50 ($1.25 each) you can get two huge egg rolls, each is as large as that pile of rice they put on your plate.   You don’t need to order the plate of duck, or some other thing..  if you’re like me.. these appetizers are just as good.

If not that, and that is the best deal in my opinion, try a dish of Sushi – spicy tuna roll is $5.99 for 6 pieces – and if you’re honest with yourself, you will say, yes that was quite filling.  Although they have some funky sushi… the spicy tuna rolls have, like, croutons or something.. weird.

Soup… that’s another good option…

But for the best deal… just order some beer, and two egg rolls.. (if you order three, you will not be able to eat them all… That is true, I’m fat, and I can’t do it.  I can eat all of the “King & I” for about $10, but I cannot eat 3 eggrolls for $3.75 what gives?) Tell them to bring it out with your partner’s dinner.  This part of telling them when to bring it out will be the most difficult, as the only thing positively authentic is the fact that no one in here seems to understand English on the first try,

There\'s nothing under my Kilt, or wrap, or whatever they call itI wish I could tell you how many times I said something to the effect of “Eggroll, but bring it out with my dinner”, only to have it come out prior to my beverage.

Speaking Of…..

Beverages – Do NOT ORDER SAPPORO. (unless you actually do not respect your $$ )  It’s $6 for the large can of beer.  Stick with the Domestics… They’re not cheap, but if you plan it right you’ll survive long enough to buy your date something worthwhile – say a box of Sour Patch Kids at the movie theatre.

Susan, I think, gave this joint like Six Forks… I can’t really do that…  But I will say if you like Asian cuisine, try this place out, it’s clean, it’s usually quick, you get chopsticks, and a fortune.  WHOOOPIIII… but it is definitely worth trying.  There’s enough variety on the menu to keep you coming back… (unless you are trying to spend less than $20, if so go someplace else or follow my advice above)

I’ve never eaten here for lunch, but typically for both of us, dinner would normally run about $45 for two.   Yes we do consume beverages – probably too many, but if you follow my advice above, you can get out of there for $20 +/-.  Trust me, the EGG ROLL is the KEY.

Overall, I give the Taste Of Asia in Teays Valley 3 Forks… but I give their Egg Rolls 5 Forks.

1 Liberty Sq
Hurricane, WV 25526

Get Directions
(304) 760-6010

11 responses to “Ron’s Taste Of Asia ~ On the CHEAP

  1. I ate at the Teays Valley Taste of Asia Friday evening for the first time. My first complaint is the menu is TOO LARGE!!! My husband and I took about 15 minutes deciding what to order. My second complaint is there should be more explanations of what these meal contain. Some of the dishes had a listing of the ingredients, but several did not. I ordered something that contained chicken, shrimp and beef in a brown sauce with vegetables and asked for fried rice instead of white. Our food arrived with white rice, oh well, no biggie. The dish was very good. We also ordered two spring rolls after having some excellent ones at the Rice Bowl. The spring rolls at Taste of Asia were good, but the filling was a tad mushy. I’d order them again, though. When we got our bill we noticed we were charged for the fried rice, but we told the cashier we didn’t get it and she removed the charge. All in all, it was a good meal. I’ll go back if I’m ever in the mood for Chinese food again (a rare occasion.)

  2. Best egg rolls in town, hands down, are Chin’s. I don’t even like egg rolls that much, and Chin’s are amazing.

    • Blair, Chin’s does have the best egg rolls. They’re different and so much better than the average shredded cabbage filling in so many others. I don’t do egg rolls at Taste of Asia, but I love their sushi for the price.

  3. demosthenes.or.locke

    Guess what? When you compare the greasy oil soaked takeout at Main Kwong to Taste of Asia, you lose all culinary-journalistic credibility you might have had!

    Six-fork Susan was right about Taste of Asia, and Ron… I just feel sorry for you, like when I see people waiting in line for long john silver’s sorry.

  4. Thanks Demo….

    But you’ve made one fatal “Assumption”… and you know what they say about “Assuming”…. “Ass-U-Me”.

    Assuming that I had “Culinary-journalistic Credibility” was a mistake. I’ve never claimed to have any credibility whatsoever – whether it be culinary or something else.

    As for Oil Soaked Take out – well I have to say I like my movie popcorn with gobs of butter also. So if it add’s some flavor all the better. I have a doctor that can manage my Cholesterol.

    Sorry I don’t stand in line and Long Johns Silver, but I do Captain D’s and the Cold Spot.

    And if you really feel sorry, you can PayPal my bogus tip jar – ID BottleOfPills.

    Thanks again, and check out our suggested reviews page and mention a place for us to review… I’ll be sure to give it my full culinary attention.

    Now just enjoy the site and go drink your $6 Sapporo and send some money to my tip jar.

  5. demosthenes.or.locke

    You think the oil at main kwong’s adds flavor? In your review you just mentioned it was cheaper. Do you really think kwong tastes better?

    This little interchange really shows the strength of your blog- with 6 people blogging, even when one of you gets something wrong, someone else is there to bat clean up. Keep doing the lord’s work.


    No, they may not have as much variety.. obviously no THAI… or fancy Sushi, but for the comparable items… YES it taste better. TO ME. The Oil adding flavor – well maybe not, but I simply mean that in general, the more lard – usually the more tastier. (just a rule of thumb – ie, a deep fried wing tastes better than a baked one, deep fried french fries, are tastier than baked ones, buttered popcorn is better to me than that fake butter powder)

    PLUS it’s cheaper and for me that is also a plus. A BIG PLUS.

    As for the strength of this blog – well what’s yours? If you have a link toss it out there. As for anyone getting anything wrong, it’s hard to do when you’re simply writing opinions. (albeit, I do plenty of misspellings and typo’s for 10 bloggers much less 6)

    As for this little interchange – well persononally I consider it “content”, and thus has entertainment value, and plus I have nothing better to do. Maybe I’ll go eat at TOA again, and find something I don’t like and write about it and we can have another. It will be so fun.

    Enjoy the blog….. and more importantly, get out and go enjoy the 4th.

  7. I was going to put in my two cents to defend Ron and The Five’s subjective rating system, but I guess he beat me to it.

    I have eaten at both these places and I can say that you can get a good meal at both places for different reasons. Eat up!

  8. I eat regularly at the Teays Valley location. They went through a period last year where they were terrible. Portions were tiny and food wasn’t prepared right. They seem to be better again. You may want to give it another shot, Ron. It got so bad last year we actually didn’t go for 3-4 months.

  9. “Order off the appetizer menu? Just get some Egg rolls? For the best deal get some beer? Roll me over roll?”

    Ive been doing Japanese cuisine for about 7 years now, and i think you need to get someone else to review the Asian restaurants next time.

    Insulting. And the reviews this website has produced for Ichiban and Kaifu were not so great either.

    If you’re going to review an asian restaurant, step outside the box and order something you have never tasted before .

    And if you’re going to order Beer and Egg rolls, dress for the occassion and show up with a wifebeater on and no shoes.

  10. Sharp-

    You need to understand that we don’t receive any type of funding in order to provide this “public service” of restaurant reviews. If you’d like to give us a grant so that we can taste a multitude of items off the menus at Ichiban and Kaifu, we’d LOVE TO! There are economic (and sometimes time) restrictions that can’t be helped. When we review a restaurant, it is our meal for that day. If we hate what we order, we don’t have the time or money to order something else.

    We are just regular people writing from that perspective. We do not claim to be foodies or experts in any particular cuisine.

    Readers, like yourself, can really make this blog better by adding detailed comments about your own experiences and knowledge to our posts. Please add your comments to the Ichiban and Kaifu reviews – it would be helpful to the other readers, and to us.

    A general note- when more than one of us eats at a restaurant, we do try to order different items so we can taste as many menu offerings as possible.

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