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Good Food in Winfield – Riverside Cafe

Ashley says…

The old Silky’s? Yep, sure is.  But way better.  Not that I had ever been to Silky’s, but my husband had and he said it wasn’t pretty.  Silky’s was a bar…and that was it.  Silky’s was sold, and in 2008 it was remodeled and Riverside Café was opened.  Radio advertisements and fliers brought us in for the first time about a year ago.    

 Putnam County still has not adopted the smoking ban, much to my disappointment.  So upon entry into Riverside Café, you’re immediately hit by cigarette smoke.   You walk right into the main bar area.  Tables, booths and a stage are in the back of the building, as is the patio.  We always walk straight to one of those areas where either we’re the only ones there or there are very few other people and if they’re smoking we can’t smell it.  This visit was on a low-humidity Saturday afternoon, so it was the patio for us.  We ordered a couple of frosty draughts while passing through the bar to save our server a trip out back. 

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If Only You Could “Tie One On” at the – Thai House

Susan says…thai-house-curry-dish

When Thai House moved into a Winfield location, I was excited to add another restaurant to our rotation in anemic Teays Valley.  You’d think with all the dual-incomes, single incomes that don’t need a dual to help out, and those trying to keep up with the Jones’, there would be a lot more to choose from in this suburb of both Charleston and Huntington.  Not so in reality, though. 

It took me a while to get to the Thai House, mostly because I wanted to coordinate a group dinner with Misty.  When you have 4 children and 4 jobs between the two couples, synchronization can be a bit tricky.  We did meet there once, only to discover management suffered an unfortunate kitchen mishap and there would be no dinner service that evening.

We enjoyed one meal at the former location in Dunbar, noting tasty food, interesting service, and a small dining room packed with customers.  (Ron will tell you why I used “interesting”.)

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