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Unique and Interesting… – Mountain Pie Company

Ashley says…

As I was about to embark on an eight-week nutrition challenge with other members of my gym, I decided there was no better time than now to load up on some not-so-diet-friendly grub, a last hoorah, if you will. A super strict paleo diet does not allow grains, sugar, alcohol or dairy products, so I needed to get my fill of those forbidden foods before the next eight weeks. Pizza was the first thing to come to mind. But I wasn’t feeling just your ordinary pizza with typical sauce, toppings and cheese; I was craving something different, unique and interesting.

It was a rare Saturday that my husband wasn’t working, so we slept in (all the way to 7:15, but after getting up before 5:00 am everyday, that is sleeping in.) We enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee and then had a late breakfast. We spent the afternoon with family so by 4:00 we were starving. I’d already established the diet blowout was going to go down, so off to Hurricane we went.

Mountain Pie Company (MPC) opened about four months ago with limited hours, and is still open just Wednesday through Saturday each week from 4:30 to 10:00 pm, midnight on Saturdays. I see the point of these limited hours for a small, new restaurant, but this place may want to rethink those limited hours once it gets cold. My first visit was probably in late May or early June. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long for a table that night, but the dining room filled up rather quickly after we were seated. This doesn’t prove to be too difficult since the dining room is very small; I mean tiny. MPC dining room

The landlord has since built an uncovered patio off the side of the dining room, which was a huge plus this summer and fall. Everyone I’ve spoken to said whenever they’ve gone and anytime I’ve driven by, it was packed and people were waiting outside for a table. Good for MPC!

This last visit Marshall and WVU both had noon home games that day. We arrived right at 4:30 and were the first customers that weren’t family of one of the owners. It was a warmish afternoon so we chose to sit on the patio. In a matter of minutes, all the patio tables were full of MU fans with a WVU fan sprinkled here and there.

MPC patio

We both ordered a beverage- MPC’s seasonal draft selection, Southern Tier Pumking, for him and a Woodchuck Amber bottle for me. MPC has a decent selection of craft beers on tap and in bottles. But what I forgot about was their housemade sangria until I saw a pitcher of it arrive at a nearby table. Since I was forking the place, I felt it was my duty to give it a try. Neither my husband nor I are big wine drinkers, but we both LOVED this sangria. My husband likened it to grape juice. I didn’t completely disagree, but I definitely tasted other flavors. Our twenty-something server was ever so helpful when asked what exactly was in it, “a blend of a few wines and fruit juice, but I’m not sure which ones.” (Thanks for that detailed explanation!) But she assured us they did make it in-house and that it was very popular. At $6/glass and as tasty as it was, the (rather large) pitcher at $19 seemed to be the better value.  20140913_165552

Enough about the drinks. (Order the sangria! You won’t be disappointed!) Let’s move on to the food. It’s called Mountain Pie Company for a reason…the “pies.” In this case, they are more like personal pies, as each is prepared on a crust of the Indian bread, naan, and are about eight to nine inch pizzas. I chose the Inigo Montoya pie and Husband chose the Meat and Cheese pie. More about those later. We started with stuffed mushrooms with a choice of sausage, crab or artichoke/spinach stuffing for $8.00. We chose the artichoke/spinach stuffing and enjoyed eight piping hot, bubbly, melty medium-sized mushrooms. The filing was a lot like that of spinach/artichoke dip found in other restaurants. I thought they could have used a little more artichokes and spinach, but who am I kidding; it’s the warm gooey cream cheese that makes the dip.20140913_165452

We also elected to share a bowl of lobster bisque for $3.00. It seemed like a great bargain since lobster is so pricy, but it was disappointing to say the least. Aside from it being just barely luke warm when it arrived at our table, it was very short on lobster. I wasn’t even sure if I even got any lobster in any of the bites I got. “Meh” is the best way for me to describe this soup.

Our pizzas arrived shortly after we finished our appetizers. My Inigo Montoya pizza consisted of steak, horseradish/chive cheese, mozzarella cheese and banana peppers on an alfredo/horseradish base drizzled with A1 sauce. If you like horseradish, you’ll really enjoy this pizza. I’m not a huge fan of A1 sauce, but it was a very nice addition and I was glad I didn’t ask for it to be nixed like I’d initially thought.  MPC Inigo Montoya

The Meat and Cheese pie didn’t have the exceptionally good looks that my pizza had, but it sure made up for it in flavor. Husband likes it spicy, so he added ghost pepper cheese. (Though the ghost pepper is the hottest pepper in the world, this cheese was more on the heat level of a jalepeno or a serrano.) There was enough of each meat to taste them individually without the pizza being too meaty or too greasy.  MPC Meet & Cheese

On our previous visit, we got the Pompei with spicy sausage, shrimp, ghost pepper cheese, gorgonzola, red onion and jalepenos on a garlic sauce. This should light up anyone’s mouth, but surprisingly, it wasn’t as hot as expected, but it was very flavorful. We also got the Steak and Gorgonzola pie. Other than the obvious, toppings include red onion, tomatoes, banana peppers on a tomato sauce. We enjoyed both pizzas, but agreed they could have been cooked a little longer so that the crust was crisper. The second time around I noticed more crispness to the crust. Other interesting pizza choices are Buffalo Mountain with grilled chicken, gorgonzola and mozzarella on a white sauce and the Freaky Greek with feta, tomatoes, spinach, red peppers, kalamata olives on an olive oil base. You can also create your own pizza from an extensive list of toppings and sauces.

Pizzas might be MPC’s specialty, but that’s not all that’s on the menu. Other appetizers include tomatoes with your choice of the same mushroom stuffings, wings with your choice of four sauces, a cheesy Asiago bread dip, Mountain Pie Cheese (ghost pepper cheese melted on toast) or Hot Mountain Dip, MPC’s version of buffalo chicken dip (you know, that pot luck favorite made with cream cheese, chicken and hot sauce.) There are also a few interesting salads such as a wedge salad with blue cheese dressing, bacon and tomatoes, the Feta World Peace (get it?), mixed greens with feta, walnuts and cranberries and raspberry vinaigrette, and the Mountain Goat which is roma tomatoes sliced and stuffed with goat cheese and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

Entrees include Mountain Lion, which is actually marinated pork loin served with pierogies. Again, interesting…. Also on the entree’ menu is lasagna, penne pasta with your choice of sauce and meat and M.P.C.M.C., a fancy mac ‘n cheese to which you can add chicken if you’d like.

MPC is unique and interesting as I stated more than once. I like this place and I will eat here again, several times, and I will continue to explore the other unique and interesting items on the menu. FOUR FORKS.

Mountain Pie Company                                                                                                   Mid Valley Plaza                                                                                                               1811 Teays Valley Rd.                                                                                                    Hurricane, WV 25526                                                                                                   (304) 397-6249

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Teays Valley New Edition – Fireside Grill

Ashley says…

It’s about time a new “sit-down” restaurant finally opened in Teays Valley.  Located in the building that used to house Uno’s, the Fireside Grill began operations in February.  Our first and only visit so far was a few days after the opening on a Tuesday evening around 5:30.  I was surprised by the crowd of people on the host’s list waiting 20 minutes or more for a table.  A member of our party had gotten there a little early and got the waiting out of the way for the rest of us. 

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Much More Than the Name Implies- Italian Grille and Deli

 italian-grille-outsideSusan says…

 Where do you go in the Teays Valley area when you are too lazy to cook and you want something good?  I usually suggest Taste of Asia, but Ron is sick of going there.  Neither one of us count Bob Evans as a valid destination so it was out.  I have really had a craving for a fish sandwich, so much so, that I considered eating at Shoney’s!  Totre’s was out because of the smoking.  If I eat Mexican, only Cozumel, Three Amigos or East Tenampa will do, all too far away for Ron’s mood this evening.

I suggest we try the Italian Grille & Deli, formerly known as Stefano’s.  Loyal reader LAL recommended it and since she also likes River’s Edge Cafe, Ron was all about her suggestion. 

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Backwood Restuarant Gems

I was looking for a map online the other day and rediscovered a great website for hiking in WV, MD, PA and VA. I noticed a link at the bottom of the page that caught my eye called Restaurants.

The site has quite a few backwoods gems, including the Alpine Lodge, which I have photos and notes from a meal eaten there several month ago. So look for that review soon.


I like that Mutt!! – Muttley’s Downtown, Davis, WV

Muttley’s Downtown- Davis WV

Ron says:

A few years ago, before they put the new facade on the outside of this building, I stumbled in here with some co-workers for Dinner on a Tuesday. At that time their special if I recall correctly was like two dinners for $19.99. There were three of us and the server said it was no problem to make the odd man out’s dinner $9.99. Since that time I have been a big fan of this joint…

I would have never walked in this establishment as I had always thought it was a biker bar or something… but walking in that eve it was like Bizzaro World. Antiques, and all scattered about. Then the food… I forget what I had that night, and well it was awesome, I couldn’t believe the bang for the buck… at that time I would have dished out five forks on the spot…

I think it was the next year, Susan and I were up there, and we missed the special, however the food was still excellent.

Fast Forward to 2008 – new facade outside, and two entrances… the one with the “Open” sign leads to the video poker spot, and the other under the awning, to the restaurant. I chose the “Open” door.. but that wasn’t it, and other than looking like I ride the short bus, I promptly turned around, walked twenty feet and went in the correct door.

While doing so, we noticed the special is now dinners for $9.99 each, but there’s a note about the change in the price of the steak… HEY TIMES ARE TOUGH….TIMES CHANGE…. and if I don’t like it I don’t have to eat here.

So in we go, we do wait a few minutes to be seated at the nearly empty place, but there’s so many neat little trinkets and crap stashed about it doesn’t seem too bad. Other than it’s a small cramped place and if you have to stand there you feel like you’re bothering other patrons, or you’re just plain in the way. So waiting this eve was not a highlight.

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Serious Pizza and Pasta at Sirianni’s – Davis, WV

Susan says:

A visit to the Canaan Valley area is not complete until I have been to Sirianni’s.  There is just something about this place that I love.  The restaurant is housed in an old storefront on Route 32 in Davis.  You can’t miss it, and you shouldn’t!  It’s not filled with fancy, new furniture.  Instead, it has quirky old chairs, different sized tables, and skis as posts on the booths.  How cool is that?  We were seated in the raised section straight ahead and slightly to the left of the front door.  As luck would have it, I noticed that my favorite booth, right next to this table, was empty.  I asked our server if it would be alright for us to scooch over there, and he gave me the nod.  This booth is tucked in the corner, seems very private, has two old, high back benches for seats and ski poles make the posts.  This spot made my food taste even better, I am sure of that.

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A Bright Spot in Southridge – Sabatino Bros

NOTE:  This restaurant is closed.

Sabatino Bros – Southridge Center, South Charleston, WV

Dan says…

So it’s no secret that I prefer a locally owned restaurant over a chain.  I eat at chains, we need chains, some of my best friends like chains, but given a choice, I’ll patronize a place like Sabatino Bros (SB).  John Smallridge opened his neighborhood deli in July 2006 near Walmart and Big Sandy Superstore.  You can tell by the decor and atmosphere that he wants people to be comfortable.  There is familiar music playing ala Pink Floyd.  There are a variety of magazines to look at while you wait for your meal to be prepared, and high speed internet is available for customers to surf the web.  I found a high-top table next to the window for my first visit. Continue reading