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A Fairytale Meal – Stillwaters

Stillwaters Restaurant – Stonewall Jackson Resort, Roanoke, WV

Susan says….

Once upon a time, there was a State Park in wild, wonderful West Virginia.  This State Park was special because it was disguised as a classy, comfortable, well-appointed hotel with a spa and a “fancy” restaurant.  The restaurant wasn’t pretend-fancy….no, this one was actually white-linen, don’t-put-your-elbows-on-the table fancy.  This was Stonewall Resort State Park in Roanoke.

Unlike some other state park that claims to be a “resort” (without naming any names, it starts with “Ca” and ends with “naan”) I truly feel pampered here.  People say they have a wonderful golf course and there is a restaurant on the hill geared toward the crazy people who will chase that little white ball around all day.    A bar is located downstairs in the lodge where you can enjoy sandwiches, a beer, and shoot a game of pool.  I look forward to work events at Stonewall so I can eat in the main restaurant, Stillwaters.

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Disaster in Tucker County – Canaan Valley Resort

Pazzo’s Pizza – Canaan Valley Resort, Tucker County, WV

Susan says:

The term “resort” really should not be applied to this place.   The Resort Police should smack that down hard and fast.  I just had the worst lunch since the Power Alley Grill debacle at Pazzo’s Pizza, the quick-order place at the Canaan Valley “Resort” lodge.

I was attending and presenting at a conference, which put me in the building all day, therefore forcing me to eat lunch on the premises.  In hindsight, I should have brought a bag lunch.   Most of the conference attendees ate lunch in the Hickory dining room.  I was not falling into that trap again.  You know, where you unwittingly follow the masses, like lemmings…to their death.  We have been holding this particular conference in this location for years.  For the past several, the Wednesday lunch has ALWAYS been a pathetic soup/salad/sandwich buffet where my bill always totals around $10.  What makes it pathetic, you ask?  I am pleased to explain:  the bread for the sandwiches came right out of the Heiner’s bag – not toasted, not warm, not nothin’.  Regular ol’ cheap ass deli meat and American cheese.  Iceberg lettuce, of course.  And we all know by now that sandwich lettuce is very important to me.  The salad is iceberg lettuce, again, and you know there’s gonna be Ranch dressing.  I never even walked over to the soup.  Figured it wasn’t worth the trouble.  To beat it all, you can’t even order off the regular dining room menu if you don’t want that inferior sandwich stuff.  As I said, I was not going to pay $10 for that again this year so I went to the quick-order place called Pazzo’s Pizza.

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