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How to Please Patrons on Their Lunch Hour

Note to Restaurants: This post is for you. And your waitstaff.

Susan says:

We eat out for lunch nearly every day. We used to try to organize certain days that we would stay in and bring a packed lunch from home. We could never pack on Mondays beause Phil doesn’t go Krogering on the weekend and he would have nothing to bring. We wanted to celebrate T.G.I.F. so we wouldn’t pack on Fridays. Being hump day and all, Wednesday seemed like a good day to go out. Invariably on a Tuesday or Thursday someone woud forget their packed lunch and the rest of us, solely in an effort to make sure this individual did not starve to death, would volunteer to go out somewhere. So the packed lunch days faded into history. We all needed a break from being in the building anyway, right? Going out for lunch was a needed form of stress management. Colleagues would always bust in and ask Phil questions while he was taking a bite of his sandwich. And then we started this blog – and a renewed sense of purpose came into play with our midday outings. Continue reading