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Is the Original Delish Coming Back?

Susan says…

Delish is coming back, baby!  Hopefully not in name only.

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Big Flavor on a Small Plate – Vandalia Grille

Vandalia Grille – Downtown, Charleston, WV

Update 1/23/09:  Since our visit, the menu has been expanded.  The Slider Sampler no longer appears on the menu currently on the Vandalia Grille website.

Dan says…

So when I heard that Chef Sadorra was going to do tapas at the former Vandalia Lounge location I had my doubts.  Tapas had been done in Charleston with mixed results.  The Bridge Road Bistro opened with a tapas menu, but switch to a more traditional bistro menu after the first year in business.  The Bluegrass Kitchen has a tapas menu, but they are sized like lunch portions so it works with the East End crowd.  Well, to my knowledge Chef Sadorra has yet to strike out when it comes to designing a menu and he hit a home run with the Vandalia Grill.

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