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Welcome, New Readers!

Fork You granted their first ever television interview today.  OK, ok…so it was the only interview ever requested.  Like Ron says, let’s not get bogged down in details.



Brad Myers from WSAZ put together a fine piece of journalism and we appreciate his interest in our endeavors.

 If you found us via WSAZ, welcome! 

Our goal here at Fork You is to become a resource for restaurant reviews and information in West Virginia, concentrating primarily in the Kanawha Valley area.  Occasionally you’ll see an out-of-state restaurant review, a recipe, a discussion topic or dining news on our site as well.  We are just regular people going out to eat and reporting on our experiences.

We have over 100 West Virginia restaurant reviews and you can search them by name by clicking on the “Our Reviews” page.  If you are wondering “Who are these Yahoos?” then click on “The Reviewers” to read a little bit about each of the regular writers.  “The Forks” explains our five-fork rating system.  (Since we’re just regular people with opinions, the five-fork system can only be a guideline.)  Finally, if you know of a restaurant you’d like to see reviewed on Fork You, submit a comment on the “Future Reviews” page.  We can’t guarantee we’ll get to it, but we’ll certainly try.

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Countdown T-Minus 13 Days – Sitar Lunch Buffet Returns

Susan says…


I love the Internet.  I love gmail.  I really love googling. And my affinity for twitter keeps on growing.

Quickly becoming my main source of news, I received a tweet from the Gazz linking me to Brooke Brown’s report that Sitar’s lunch buffet will return to hungry Charleston diners on December 1.  That’s in 13 days, folks.

I, for one, will be in the buffet line that week.  Likely standing in line behind Misty who will picking through the pans. 

According to buffet etiquette, is that okay? Specifically, is it okay to pick through the pans or should you just take a scoop and pick through it on your plate at your seat? Furthermore, if you are behind a “picker”, is it okay to pass them and move onto the next bin or are you expected to wait and keep your order in the line? What should you do if you come upon a pan with only one serving left? Do you take the remainder, take half the remainder thus forcing the next patron to empty the pan and carry the guilt related to it, or do you kind of hang around the buffet area waiting on the fresh pan sure to be delivered soon?

These questions and more can be explored now each and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Sitar for the bargain price of $8.99 per person.

Sitar of India offers a wide range of Indian dishes for lunch and dinner served in an upscale, comfortable atmosphere.  The buffet will be offered at lunch three days a week. You can read our full review of Sitar here.

Another culinary dream of mine has come true.  Now if Delish would only reopen…