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A New Name and A Facelift for Porfirio’s

Susan says…


We previously posted a review of Porfirio’s Mexican Restaurant in Barboursville back in July 2008 – one of my favorite places to eat before Ron sold the Country House.  After he moved to the Valley, it wasn’t as geographically convenient for us to eat at Porfirio’s therefore our frequency declined.  Not long after that, Porfirio’s closed their doors for remodeling.  During a visit to Porfirio’s Dos in Huntington during the month of October, we heard rumors that ownership my be changing on our old favorite. We wondered if they would actually re-open, and if so…would our old friends still be there?

The curiosity got the better of me Friday night.  The family unit decided on a drink and a snack at the re-opened restaurant, now with a sign in the parking lot announcing “Three Amigos”.

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