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Apology Letter From Canaan – Is It Too Little, Too Late?

Susan says….

Rarely am I incensed enough to write a letter of complaint or even fill out a customer comment card.   Would it do any good anyway, or just waste my time?  During my latest visit to Canaan Valley “Resort”, I was so disappointed and upset with my experience that I did fill out the comment card given to me by the unfortunate counter staff forced to deal with all the angry customers.  See my review here.  I also included a note to check out my thoughts here on Fork You.  Several searches were made to access our site with “fork you canaan”, so we’re pretty sure they read the review.

Just this week, I received a letter from the General Manager (click to enlarge):

Letter from Canaan

Letter from Canaan

I think the letter was well-deserved and a classy move on the part of Canaan’s management.  It’s not easy to admit you are wrong, especially for a man.  However, If I am not forced to eat on the premises of this lackluster State Park in the future, I will choose one of the many finer choices in the surrounding area.  See our reviews on Sirianni’s, Muttley’s, and The Purple Fiddle, for a few recommendations.

Hopefully the comments made in this modern-day forum will help the management make positive changes to improve the service, preparedness and quality of the meals at their establishment in both Pazzo’s Pizza and the main dining room.  Please note: I have never had a problem with the bar there, so drink up if you go to Canaan.

Thanks, Canaan.  But for this foodie, I think it’s too little, too late.

Chills and Thrills at The Purple Fiddle – Thomas, WV

The Purple Fiddle – Thomas, WV

Susan says:

Whether you want to chill out for a while or experience the thrill of live music, you can’t go wrong by spending some time at The Purple Fiddle.

The Purple Fiddle is located in the old DePollo General Store on East Avenue in Thomas.  On your way to the Fiddle, turn left as soon as you enter Thomas and check out the Mountain Made shop for all kinds of awesome handmade West Virginia art and gifts.  You can definitely see the remnants of the old general store inside.  The counter, the cases, the shelves along the walls, and the ladder – all remain.  Walk straight back to place an order for sandwiches, wraps, munchies, flavored coffees, wine and a superb selection of beers.  There must have been a hundred to choose from.  We sampled some Dead Guy Ale and Mountain State Brewery beers – most were around $3.30 each.  Or you can satisfy your hankerin’ for a Pabst Blue Ribbon for $1.40!

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Disaster in Tucker County – Canaan Valley Resort

Pazzo’s Pizza – Canaan Valley Resort, Tucker County, WV

Susan says:

The term “resort” really should not be applied to this place.   The Resort Police should smack that down hard and fast.  I just had the worst lunch since the Power Alley Grill debacle at Pazzo’s Pizza, the quick-order place at the Canaan Valley “Resort” lodge.

I was attending and presenting at a conference, which put me in the building all day, therefore forcing me to eat lunch on the premises.  In hindsight, I should have brought a bag lunch.   Most of the conference attendees ate lunch in the Hickory dining room.  I was not falling into that trap again.  You know, where you unwittingly follow the masses, like lemmings…to their death.  We have been holding this particular conference in this location for years.  For the past several, the Wednesday lunch has ALWAYS been a pathetic soup/salad/sandwich buffet where my bill always totals around $10.  What makes it pathetic, you ask?  I am pleased to explain:  the bread for the sandwiches came right out of the Heiner’s bag – not toasted, not warm, not nothin’.  Regular ol’ cheap ass deli meat and American cheese.  Iceberg lettuce, of course.  And we all know by now that sandwich lettuce is very important to me.  The salad is iceberg lettuce, again, and you know there’s gonna be Ranch dressing.  I never even walked over to the soup.  Figured it wasn’t worth the trouble.  To beat it all, you can’t even order off the regular dining room menu if you don’t want that inferior sandwich stuff.  As I said, I was not going to pay $10 for that again this year so I went to the quick-order place called Pazzo’s Pizza.

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