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The Wine Valley


Susan says….

Wouldn’t it be just my luck that Teays Valley would get a wine and tapas place right after I move to Kentucky? Yep, it sure was.

During my visits back to Wild and Wonderful I frequently meet my girlfriends at The Wine Valley. I was instantly impressed the first time I walked in.  The interior is handsomely furnished with several comfy, cozy seating areas comprised of large upholstered chairs and sofas, and even a fireplace.  We are sure to make reservations so we can request the seating area in front of the fireplace.


I have sampled several of the food offerings including the Wine Valley flatbread, the cheese board, and the tiramisu. Overall, the food has not delivered on the high expectations set by the enticing menu descriptions and the artful presentation.  However, the food nicely complements the wines and work together to provide a great experience.   I feel so fancy and trendy when I’m there.  My favorite item is the cheese board: you select a combination of cheeses to be served with crackers, grapes, and figs.  Paired with a wine flight, it is as decadent an experience one can have in a strip mall in Teays Valley.

We were very fortunate to meet at The Wine Valley one Friday night when they hosted a jazz guitarist. He was amazing!  He accepted requests and knew how to play every one we gave him.  The relaxing jazz music made our experience even better.

If you haven’t been to The Wine Valley yet, you must go. Get a little bit gussied up, grab your girlfriend or your date, and go have a nice time sipping wine and nibbling on beautiful food.

I give The Wine Valley Three Forks for food and an earnest recommendation for fun.

The Wine Valley
6 Liberty Plaza
Hurricane, WV 25526

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The Charm City Food Tour – Pazo

Image from their website

Susan says…

Tapas is a wonderful concept for someone like me.  Someone who likes to try lots of different dishes but doesn’t have the financing or the room in my waistline to order everything that looks tasty.  Someone who will take food right off other dining companions’ plates.  Someone who has trouble making up their mind about what to order.  I sure hope the tapas concept hasn’t jumped the shark.  Knowing that the place turns nightclubesque in the late evening, I had considered Pazo for after dinner drinks but upgraded it to “dinner” status after reviewing the menu.  Lots of small plates featuring seafood with a Mediterranean influence. 

I was told by a local that Pazo is the place to go if you want to “see and be seen”.  Well I don’t know about you, but I wanted to do both!  One issue was the negative attention I would likely receive if I carried my Canon Rebel into the restaurant.  You see, it didn’t quite fit into my hot pink clutch.  Hell, my iPhone only fit in there if I slanted it at just the right angle.  So, reader beware: blurry iPhone pictures ahead. 

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Big Flavor on a Small Plate – Vandalia Grille

Vandalia Grille – Downtown, Charleston, WV

Update 1/23/09:  Since our visit, the menu has been expanded.  The Slider Sampler no longer appears on the menu currently on the Vandalia Grille website.

Dan says…

So when I heard that Chef Sadorra was going to do tapas at the former Vandalia Lounge location I had my doubts.  Tapas had been done in Charleston with mixed results.  The Bridge Road Bistro opened with a tapas menu, but switch to a more traditional bistro menu after the first year in business.  The Bluegrass Kitchen has a tapas menu, but they are sized like lunch portions so it works with the East End crowd.  Well, to my knowledge Chef Sadorra has yet to strike out when it comes to designing a menu and he hit a home run with the Vandalia Grill.

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