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Good Value – Jin Long Restaurant

 jin long outside

 Ron says…

I grew up in Milton… “My Hometown”…For the longest time, Milton had about three sit down restarurants.  Two were Pizza Joints, and the other The Village Inn. 

Well as time goes by, people move away, come back etc.  Milton now has a few more restaurants and another signal light intersection.

Jin Long has been in Milton I bet now for five or six years.  I’ve eaten here once before with mixed results.  Since Susan is always needing content for this blog, we decided to eat here so we could do a good old “forking”. Continue reading

Why Didn’t We Know About This Place? – Sub Shop

Susan says…




Have you ever had one of those happy accidents where the thing you intended to do became impossible, much to your disappointment, only to do something else which was unplanned, much to your delight? Me too! Isn’t life grand when that happens?

For example, we intended to go to Cilantro’s but the line was pressing against the door and the dining room was already full.  Plan B: Blossom Deli. Fail. Line out the door with a full dining room. After two disappointments with no Plan C in our hip pocket, we meandered toward Capitol Street after leaving Blossom and I noticed a sign in a non-descript brick building across the street which read “fresh-cut fries” and another that said “hamburgers”.  We all agreed that it sounded like our kind of place and hoped there would be empty seats inside.

Continue reading