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Tomahawks Under New Management

As of January 16, Tomahawks experienced a changing of the guard.

The new folks were nice enough to let us know about the change and invite us back for another review.  We plan to do just that.

We have been told a new Chef is on board revamping the menus to include steak, pasta, pizza, and seafood.  They intend to utilize local produce and West Virginia meats.  Another addition to the menu: kid’s meals. 

Other improvements include a banquet room and a re-do of the boat dock.

Keep in mind the dining area is smoke free, but a designated smoking area is available on the deck if you like to light up.

Tomahawks Smokehouse and Saloon
5930 MacCorkle Avenue
St. Albans, WV

Cold Beer and a Cool Breeze – Tomahawks

(Note: Since this review, Tomahawks has undergone a change in management. )

Ron says…

When Susan asked about titles for the post….. my first response was… “Scalped at Tomahawks”.  But like a woman, she didn’t like it.  Guess it made too much sense.

As Susan, mentions below ~ we stopped here after some soccer games, as now our dining experiences are turning more and more into research opportunities, instead of the casual dining experience.

So here we are, sitting on the deck enjoying a cold draft.  The beer wasn’t too expensive at $2.50 or at the least at that offensive price point that rubs me wrong.  So drinking that and glancing over the menu, nothing really jumps out.  This should have been taken as a sign, but because I wasn’t particularly hungry I brushed it off.

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