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We Were Only Halfway Pleased – Half Time Sports Bar and Grill


This restaurant is CLOSED

Susan says…

The former Gratzi location at the Town Center mall has been transformed from cozy Italian villa with virtual fireplace to sparsely decorated sports bar with 137 televisions and is now home to Half Time Sports Bar & Grill.  Ok, it might not be exactly 137 because I did not count them, but I know there were a lot.   The “fireplace room” now has a pool table in it.  There was a cardboard stand-up of a NASCAR driver greeting people as they wait for the hostess to walk you to your seat.  Despite all this, the decor was merely ‘okay’ in my opinion.

Guys may feel their website is more than merely’okay’, though, due to effective use of cleavage and fishnet on female “referees”.  If you hit refresh, you can enjoy the intro all over again.  Your beer won’t be delivered to your table by one of those ladies, however, and that’s not the uniform for the servers.  Instead they wear different team shirts.  If you’re looking for scantily clad waitstaff, go to HootersContinue reading

In The Mood For Something New?

The Half-Time Bar & Grill

The Charleston Town Center will be welcoming a new restaurant soon.

The former Gratzi’s location will become The Half-Time Bar & Grill.  As the name suggests, this eatery will feature drinks and lotsa televisions.  Also the owner of Bennigan’s, Rick Rose told the Gazette in February that the menu will feature lunches starting at $5.99 and dinner entrees of steak and pasta, beyond the expected salads, burgers and sandwiches.

The Daily Mail reported last month that the renovation work is on track and the restaurant is scheduled for an April opening.   The decor will feature sports memorabilia and a blue/gold paint scheme.


Greenlee Gourmet Popcorn

Located at 600 D Street in South Charleston, the father/son team of Delbert and Terry Greenlee is serving up popcorn, nuts, and cotton candy. 

Future plans include adding homemade candies, BBQ, and hot dogs to the menu.


The former O’ Kay’s location houses a new establishment these days.  Bruno’s, conveniently located for those visiting the Clay Center, has already opened their doors.

The Fork You crew plans to visit all three of these new businesses in the near future and report back to you.

News – Game Day Specials at Billy’s

Here’s the skinny on the specials during March Madness at Billy’s tonight and tomorrow:

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News Nibbles


We reported the possibility of some specials during the basketball tournament at Billy’s.  Here is the announcement for Friday’s game.  (Click on the image to see it larger.)

They will open at 2:00 for the 3:00 game and the specials begin at 2:00 also.

Does anyone recommend another location to watch the game?  Fill us in by commenting below!  Do you think our bosses will know something’s up if a bunch of people sudddenly get sick at lunch on Friday???

Journalistic Credibility takes another hit.. Fork You just finds out about the Hooters Remodeling!! Travesty


Hooters Rennovates since December!!??  What???   It was just the other day I had a client in my office asking me if Hooters in Charleston was closed.  I said I’ve heard nothing.  I even went out on a limb to say I wrote for the greatest food blog situated along the Kanawha River and that our sources said nothing…  So much for you Twitterific folks. 

So over the weekend I was listening to the radio and sure enough they said they are getting ready for their Grand “ReOpening”.   My how did this great Food Blog miss the boat on this?  Too busy worrying about goose livers and the merits of eating at Chains I guess so this Earth Shattering news fell through the cracks.

So even though you don’t want it I’m going to give it to you anyway.  My Opinion.  Keep in mind it is simply my Opinion.   My Opinion, thoughts, hints, allegations, and things better left unsaid, do not represent the views and opinions of the full staff of Fork You.  They are simply mine.. so sit down and prepare to be offended (or bored or both).

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