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The Mildly Upset Whopper

OK, we’ve all seen the commercial for the new Burger King Angry Whopper, if you haven’t, well you’re not missing much.  I had the bright idea to do some research on this here new Whopper.

You see the BK Whopper is a favorite of mine, I remember when they ran a promotion for a $0.99 Whopper. Oh, I was in heaven during those days.  I used to walk to the Burger King on Washington Street at least once a week to get my fix.  Now it is gone, and Susan’s not a BK fan so my Whopper consumption has gone down considerably (yet my waistband has continued to expand – yes that’s a testament to the human spirit)

So over the past couple of months I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to try one of these things.  Plus because Susan keeps harping on people to get their reviews in and craving content.  Seriously, I’ve heard “I’ve got nothing to post tomorrow” so many times these days that it’s driving me crazy, but I thought I’d kill a couple birds with one stone.  My Whopper Craving and Fork You Content being the birds.  (yes you’re probably saying that this review is for the birds by now, especially all you chain snobs – you know who you are.)

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