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No Catchy Title Please – Totre’s Pub and Grub

NOTE: This restaurant is closed.

Totre’s Pub and Grub – Teays Valley, WV

Ron says….

“Totre’s” – what the hell is that??  Is it Italian?  Spanish?  or is it something from a J.R.R. Tolkien novel?   I dont’ know.

I’ve seen this place from time to time, the unoriginal building, think “BOX” with the blacked out windows.  Well I just thought this was Teays Valley’s strip bar, or some gray poker machine joint.  You know the ones that have popped up everywhere since Bob Wise allowed that scourge into the state.   Nevertheless that’s a rant for a different blog.

But really, I wouldn’t know what this place is.  You can’t read the sign from the interstate.  So who knew? Continue reading

Pizza in the Valley – Graziano’s Pizza Teays Valley

Ron Says…

Almost every time I frequent this little pizza parlor in Teays Valley, I am reminded of the Seinfield epsiode about the “Soup Nazi”. I know that reference get’s tossed around with reckless abandon, but I’m tossing it out there again.

We (me n’ Susan) eat here often even on her low carb diet, and I bet we average here at least once a month.  Myself probably more because almost every chance I get while working in the area, I’ll toss this place out as a candidate for lunch – the buffet is great.

The dinner times always seem to be an adventure… the lunch times are very satisfying and I come away wishing the dinner experience was the same.  I would say it is like Jekyll and Hyde, but Dan’s already used that analogy, so I’ll simply say “Night ‘n Day”.

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