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I’m Glad I Had A Coupon – Mr. Wilson’s


Susan says…

When we aren’t sure what we feel like eating for lunch, I sometimes whip out my book of discounts.  I still call it the Dine-A-Mate book even though the name is now “Entertainment ’09”  I call audiobooks “books on tape”.  I am old school like that.  My daughter, who greatly enjoys making fun of my oldness anytime I slip and say “book-on-tape”, was flabbergasted when I acquired an actual book on cassette tape via a winning eBay bid. 

But on to the task at hand: a review of lunch at Mr. Wilson’s.

It was mighty difficult for me to walk past Sitar on a lunch buffet day to enter the doors of Mr. Wilson’s.  I probably asked Misty several times: “are you sure you don’t want tikka masala???”

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Open Letter to Chef Richard Arbaugh

Dear Chef Arbaugh,


Events of this week have inspired me, nay compelled me to write this letter. While I do want to share the affect these events have had upon me and diners across our fair city, I must begin by describing the first time we met.

My first introduction to you , Chef Arbaugh, was not a handshake, an internet communication, an informative yet one-dimensional article in the Daily Mail. No, the first time I met you, you spoke to me through a sandwich.

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Why Didn’t We Know About This Place? – Sub Shop

Susan says…




Have you ever had one of those happy accidents where the thing you intended to do became impossible, much to your disappointment, only to do something else which was unplanned, much to your delight? Me too! Isn’t life grand when that happens?

For example, we intended to go to Cilantro’s but the line was pressing against the door and the dining room was already full.  Plan B: Blossom Deli. Fail. Line out the door with a full dining room. After two disappointments with no Plan C in our hip pocket, we meandered toward Capitol Street after leaving Blossom and I noticed a sign in a non-descript brick building across the street which read “fresh-cut fries” and another that said “hamburgers”.  We all agreed that it sounded like our kind of place and hoped there would be empty seats inside.

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It’s Just a Matter of Time – Chesapeake/Charleston Bagel

This restaurant is CLOSED

Update: What is the name of this place anyway? This location in not listed as a location on the official website.

Susan says…

For reasons I do not understand, Daniel just HAD to go to Chesapeake Bagel today.  The name never comes up during the daily “where will we eat” discussion.  Maybe he watched a program about the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel on the History Channel last night or something and that made him think of the restaurant.

I have been here only once before and it left unfavorable memories behind.  The same old feelings came back to me as I navigated the lunch hour on Capitol Street.

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In Search of Great Fries – Steak Escape

Susan says…

As part of my ongoing research to find the five best fries in Charleston, I made a stop at Steak Escape.  The first day we attempted to eat here, we had to abandon the mission due to lack of available parking.  On our second try we had better luck.  Wow – that is a small parking lot.

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A Bright Spot in Southridge – Sabatino Bros

NOTE:  This restaurant is closed.

Sabatino Bros – Southridge Center, South Charleston, WV

Dan says…

So it’s no secret that I prefer a locally owned restaurant over a chain.  I eat at chains, we need chains, some of my best friends like chains, but given a choice, I’ll patronize a place like Sabatino Bros (SB).  John Smallridge opened his neighborhood deli in July 2006 near Walmart and Big Sandy Superstore.  You can tell by the decor and atmosphere that he wants people to be comfortable.  There is familiar music playing ala Pink Floyd.  There are a variety of magazines to look at while you wait for your meal to be prepared, and high speed internet is available for customers to surf the web.  I found a high-top table next to the window for my first visit. Continue reading