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Eat, Drink and Swim- Virginia Beach VA

Susan says…Birds Arrive Before the Lifeguard

Food always plays a major role for me in any trip, whether it is for work or pleasure.  I try to research in advance to find some potentially rewarding restaurants at my destination.  With only two weeks to plan, Ron & I decided to take a long weekend at Virginia Beach.

I attempted to do my usual, googling “Virginia Beach restaurants”, checking out google maps, google earth, trip advisor, etc.  The restaurants that looked interesting were all too far away from the hotel for walking and we wanted to park the car and leave it for the entire stay.  I had a difficult time finding very many choices near our hotel at the intersection of 21st Street and the Atlantic Ocean, interesting or not.  Even the Twitterati did not arm me with any recommendations.  A couple girlfriends suggested Rockafellers and a bar at Rudee Inlet and the restaurant in the Hilton.  That’s all.  I had to go in practically blind.  And I was nervous about that.

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