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Beware of the Shoney’s Drink Rip-off


Susan says…

Thanks to Daniel and his inquisitive nature, we uncovered a rip-off at Shoney’s last week. 

Like most restaurants, beverage prices are not printed in the menu.   I understand that beverage prices are tweaked frequently and it would be costly to reprint the menus every time the drinks were raised a nickel or dime.  I expect to pay around $2 for a soda these days so I rarely ask how much they are.

Additionally, in the Shoney’s menu, no sizes are mentioned for sodas – just the choices of regular, diet, root beer, etc., which would lead the customer to believe that only one size is available.

We ordered our drinks and I chose water.  Yes, it is an unusual choice for me but the last time I visited a Shoney’s (in Teays Valley) I remember the soda was $2.49 and I think that’s too much.  When the drinks were delivered, they were served in large disposable cups with lids.  On this visit, in Kanawha City, we were again served in large plastic disposable cups with lids.  The disposable cup in question is on the left in the blurry iPhone photo above.

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