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Get Some Grub…Help a Good Cause

Even though we may not have many friends at the Tricky Fish, there are some folks at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore who are still willing to be associated with us.  They requested we pass along this information to our readers, and we are more than happy to comply.  Tricky Fish will contribute 7.5% of their sales on Tuesdays in January to this worthy cause.  We applaud The Fish for giving back to the community.  If they are still supporting non-profits in September 2010, then they’ll be getting some of Ron’s money!

ReStoring the Community – Underground Kitchen

Underground Kitchen – Charleston, WV

Dan says…

I have said to several people that the internet has made the world a smaller place, but at the expense of our own communities. People are more likely to have a friend in a different state or country, but don’t even know their neighbors. Every Tuesday I Skype with friends from FL, CT, IN, AR, DC and Australia. When were setting up the Fork You blog a couple months ago, I added links to several food related sites. One of those sites was Kitchen Geeking. It was an interesting, local, food related blog. I subscribed to the feed and one day this thing called Underground Kitchen popped up in my Google Reader. It was a little like Dinner: Impossible, but for the guests. Initially I thought it was a group of trendy East Enders and getting an invitation would be as easy as getting your beverage order taken at the Power Alley Grill so I put it out of my mind. Then a website popped up, followed by a blog and then chatter on the Twitter. Continue reading