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News Nugget: Blossom Deli to Reopen?

Susan says…

I received a friend suggestion on Facebook last night: Blossom Deli. 

I took the bait and accepted.  There were a few wall posts.  One, posted by “Blossom Deli” on October 9 said “November 2010… A Charleston Landmark Returns!”.  A friend asked for the identity of the new owners, to which Blossom Deli replied: “I can’t be that easy; where’s the suspense in that?”

If you are interested, send Blossom Deli a friend request on Facebook.  Friend count is at 274 and climbing.  Let’s see what transpires!

News Nugget: Blossom Reopens for Dinner

Susan says…

The Blossom is now open for dinner again, but a bit differently than before.

First of all, they are only open for dinner on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday beginning at 5:00 pm.  

Secondly, there is a new, scaled-down menu.   

If you go, write in and tell us about your experience.  This seems like a great excuse for me to get some Thai Beef and Shrimp.  Sounds delicious!

Dreams Can Come True, It Can Happen To You – China Buffet to Reopen

Susan says:

Partly because I am a glutton for punishment and partly because I just couldn’t help myself but believe that there might be some slim chance that my favorite Chinese place could be open, I called to hear the recording for the hundredth time since the unfortunate kitchen fire put my mongolian chicken enjoyment on hiatus.

Every several days, I call the China Buffet at the Kanahwa Mall – just to check.  It rings a couple times and a recording begins (imagine a very young Chinese accent): thank you for calling the China Buffet… we are temporarily closed.  Or something like that.

Well, today….glorious day…I got a different recording.  This one said: thank you for calling China Buffet, we will reopen the week of July 7.

For a moment, I was in a state of disbelief.  Did I hear what I thought I just heard?  Or was the recorded Chinese accent mangling the words actually being said into what I wanted to hear?

I called back to be certain.  “Thank you for calling China Buffet.  China Buffet should be reopen the week of July 7.  Have a nice day.”

So it was true.   In ten days I should be enjoying the garlicky green beans, the crab rangoons, my personal favorite – Mongolian chicken, the chicken with broccoli…Hell, I might even get stuff I don’t really like just ’cause I missed seeing it as I walked by it on the buffet.

It will be a homecoming.