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Prix Fixe Menu at south hills market and cafe

shmc table setting

South Hills Market & Cafe at the Dinner Hour

(May 21, 2009) Susan says…

I have a crush.

Last night, flavors, colors and textures joined hands to create a symphony on our plates at South Hills Market & Café under the masterful direction of Chef Richard Arbaugh.  Let me take you through the concert, one number at a time.

First, the atmosphere: white linen tablecloths, white linen napkins, white plates in artful shapes. Simple table décor of a candle and small potted plant, making for easy conversation around the table.  An intimate, quiet dining room with plush seats to keep you comfortable for the time we lingered.

Next, the menus: a single rectangle of cardstock announces the dishes available that evening. Another details the wine list and a smaller square shows the beers.  The menu is separated into three categories: cold appetizer, hot appetizer, and entrée – about a dozen different creations in all.  The Café is currently offering a prix fixe menu, meaning you can choose three courses for $35 per person, or four courses for $45.

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