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Susan’s Travel Journal, Day 7 – Captain Daniel Packer Inne

Susan says…


Just as I exit our great state for another road trip, I will post the culinary happenings of my final full day in Connecticut.

We certainly went out with a “bang” by choosing the historic Daniel Packer Inne.

Founded in 1754, this Inn was home to sea Captain Daniel Packer and his guests awaiting passage across Mystic River while traveling between New York and Boston.  As the wide, dark wooden floor boards creak when you are led to your table, you can almost feel the history in this structure. 

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Susan’s Travel Journal Day 6 – Brick Alley Pub and Restaurant

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(Note:  I had to skip Day 5- I’ll post the review of Noah’s Fine Food in Stonington, CT soon…after I get the photos off Ron’s iPhone.)

West Virginians, we have so many thngs to be thankful for in the Mountain State…one of them is our liquor laws.  I used to complain about having to wait until 1:00 in Sunday to buy alcohol at Kroger since I was already there to get lunch meat, milk and several bundles of asparagus.  I won’t complain about that anymore (let’s keep it real: at least for a few weeks) now that I have experienced first-hand the oppressive liquor laws of New England.

In Connecticut and Rhode Island, you have to go to an actual “package” store.  Ron wonders why convenience stores even exist if you can’t buy beer there…obviously the only reason he ever crosses the threshold of such an establishment.  In Connecticut, you can’t buy alcohol at all on Sunday, except in a restaurant or bar. 

Noting on our first day that beer prices in Mystic were just as high as Virginia Beach ($4 – $4.50), Ron asked me to pick up some beer on Sunday while he was in his first class so he could enjoy an icy cold one when his session concluded.  I, like the dutiful fiancee I am only some of the time, drove about 10 miles into Rhode Island in search of the elixer.

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Susan’s Travel Journal, Reading PA – The Ugly Oyster Drafthaus

Susan says…

Friday, October 24, 2008

View of Reading from our room at The Abraham Lincoln

On Day 1 of our Connecticut trip, we travel to Reading, Pennsylvania for an overnighter.  With friends only about a half hour away, Reading was a great midway point on our trek eastward to New England.

I did quite a bit of internet research, looking for a nice hotel and, of course, a couple great places to chow down.

An historic hotel in the heart of Reading, The Abraham Lincoln is a vintage high-rise full of charm and modern conveniences.  We are staying on the 16th floor in a well-appointed room with mini refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and free wifi- the internet connection being extremely important if you are internet-addicted like us.

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No Catchy Title Please – Totre’s Pub and Grub

NOTE: This restaurant is closed.

Totre’s Pub and Grub – Teays Valley, WV

Ron says….

“Totre’s” – what the hell is that??  Is it Italian?  Spanish?  or is it something from a J.R.R. Tolkien novel?   I dont’ know.

I’ve seen this place from time to time, the unoriginal building, think “BOX” with the blacked out windows.  Well I just thought this was Teays Valley’s strip bar, or some gray poker machine joint.  You know the ones that have popped up everywhere since Bob Wise allowed that scourge into the state.   Nevertheless that’s a rant for a different blog.

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