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Even Your Meal is a Gamble – The French Quarter Restaurant


Daniel says…

We eyed this filet and prime rib special early on and knew it needed to be reviewed. Misty had confirmed that she and Brian had eaten a few good meals at the track.  We had tried to get this meal on the calendar a couple of times, but it just never happened.  When the annual “Dinner Party with Those You Like to Luncheon With..” rolled around this year, Cross-Vegas was suggested and quickly approved by the group.

Now I like casinos. They are like Disney World for adults. They want you to smile as they extract your money from your pockets. Remember the house always wins and that was true when it came to the French Quarter Restaurant. Susan hit a home run with the title. Your meal is truly a gamble. We had a few winners at the table, but mostly losers. Continue reading

Tourist Treasure, Not Tourist Trap – Gilligan’s

 Susan says…


Dining Room at Gilligan's (photo from their website)

A rule of thumb when traveling is to beware of the locally-owned restaurants that are situated close to a grouping of hotels. Case in point, Jamm’s in Mystic CT which I wrote about in a previous review. Sometimes these restaurants are rip-offs – they won’t be seeing repeat customers because the majority of customers are travelers, so they need only lure you in once and who cares if they do a good enough job to make you want to come back.

Our hotel in Harrisburg, PA was near a handful of other hotels and a handful of locally-owned restaurants and gas stations.  Clearly, a “passing through” area.  We were tired.  We were hungry.  We were weary of trying to find our way around new places, especially in the dark. 

The gal that checked us in at the Wyndham suggested the place next door (which resembled a bar that happens to have food) and Gilligan’s, a short drive down the road.  I had noticed Gilligan’s as we drove to the hotel- full parking lot, attractive neon signage.  I googled them quickly while testing the wifi connection in the room before heading out.  (My name is Susan, and I am addicted to the internet.) Menu looked good…approved!

Continue reading

It is all about the au jus – The Fifth Quarter

The Fifth Quarter – Charleston, WV

Susan says…

The Fifth Quarter was my grandparents’ “special occasion” restaurant while I was growing up.  All the biggest events were celebrated here with a juicy prime rib served with the little cup of yummy meat juice (yes, I know that’s not the proper name, it’s au jus…let me have some fun) all served on a stainless steel plate.  I still love prime rib and I still think the cups of meat juice should be much, much bigger.  I slosh my bite of meat in the juice and try to sop up as much as possible before stuffing it in my mouth, trying not to drip too badly on the table and my clothing.  yum! Continue reading